Thursday, November 15, 2012

Party Time

 Kelson's first football season has come to a close...
and now it's Party time!!!
Time to celebrate as a team and give our last Hoo-Rah's!!
 Our Team Mom is the BEST!!!
we raised money throughout the season to pay for coach gifts and trophies for our boys...
we raised over $200!!!
The touchdown bucket was a huge success!!
(patting myself on the back) ;)
 Love these coach gifts!!! Highlights of each Coach
and the boys signed the mat that goes in the frame...
very Clever and Perfect!!!
 Another cute mom made these personalized cookies for the boys...
We really had some amazing football parents this year
 Kelson didn't want me taking picture of him...
Guess he is too Macho!!
 But this cute girl posed for pictures all night...
While Kelson was off running around with his buddies, me and Ken Doll 
had a good ol' time...
We rollerskated, went on rides, and played miniture golf!!
Golf balls hate me... I kept hitting mine into the water
 Here's my little Dude
and his very first Football Trophy!!
 Coach Jeremy saying a few words about Kelson....
 #1 Coach!!!
He was such a good coach!!
And really loved each and everyone of these boys
Thank you Coach for helping me when I needed it...
and for being part of Kelson's life :)
 This is the Team Mom!!!
Did I mention she is the BEST??
She and her Hubby went above and beyond this season!!
Thank you!!!
Cottonwood Gremlins A Team 2012
See ya next season!!

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