Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happiness is a Kindergarten Graduate

Miss Kenley
Kindergarten Graduate 5/26/11
Grandma mama (My mom) came to see her program
My last baby to go through Kindergarten
Two thumbs up!!
And what a cute program they had...
Can you tell what song they were singing??
Alice the camel has... 2 humps
boom boom boom

What's next??
"ALL DAY school" coming this Fall!!!!
I couldn't be more HAPPY!!!!

What makes you Happy??

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Family Lives Here....

Do you think this dog is spoiled or what!!??
This is grandma's bed...
and this is Bosco aka "Bossy"

He thinks he's "Boss" so he can lie where ever he thinks is comfy...
Including Grandma's big fluffy pillows...

Don't look so comfy there Boss...

How does your family live??
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Baseball Boys

Waiting to go on Deck
12 year old Accelerated Team!!
Go Crown Colony!!
These boys are so amazing to watch!!!
The little brother who wants to be just like the big brother
What a stud muffin!!
I just can't get enough pics of these cute boys!!

Brotherly love :)
Mclovin it!!

I love you boys!!!
You make your momma proud!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Speaking of "School's Almost Out"...

Our little Elementary is about to retire...
Out with the old... In with the new...

For the past year... They have been building our new elementary
right in back of our old elementary...
Woodstock is over 100 years old!!
The old tree where we would meet after school and play tag...
Where the kids, to this day, still play beneath it's branches
2 Generations of my family have gone through this school...
My siblings, myself, and my children have all attended Woodstock!!
My 6th grader has my 6th grade teacher...
last year, he had my 3rd grade teacher for his 5th grade...
Brayden's 6th grade class is the last class to go through the 6th grade "pod"

So many memories of this school....
It still smells the same from when I was a student here...
It's like walking into the past everytime I step foot inside...
Woodstock... We love you!!
We will shed tears when you are torn down next month...
but are sure excited to attend your new building in the Fall
Thank you for all of the memories

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Aftermath of "Schools Almost Out" Post

The 6th Grade Country Fair
Kelson's class was walking through when I got there...
I got to snap pictures of my two boys together... in the same school... for the last time
Brayden : 6th Grade
Kelson : 1st Grade
Grandma's creepy doll...
Brayden kept her safe :)
I did hear gasps of fright as kids walked past
and starred with horror
The Best part:
Brayden made the doll talk...
"stop starring at me..."
"I bite..."
"see you in your dreams..."

"I'll get you my pretty"

in little evil dolly voice

Poor little first graders...
I think one ran away crying...
Sock it to him... he did come from me ;)
Happy Tuesday!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

52 Weeks of Happiness :: My Magic Magician

Magician Melson will Amaze your peepers and tickle your noggen
with his amazing talent and magic tricks!!
He is available every Tuesday, Friday & Saturday Nights ;)

That's not Magician Melson!
That's my little cutie, Kelson!!

Kelson has a talent show at school today...
He signed himself up to perform magic tricks
which suprised me, because he is a little shy when it comes to things like this..
So we went and dug up some magic tricks...
He came up with his own routine and is performing it in front of his class
Good Luck Magician Melson!!
you make me Happy

What makes you Happy??
Please Join in the fun over at Leigh Vs. Laundry
and join her in her quest to take over the blogosphere with HAPPINESS
What makes you smile?
My babies make me smile :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Brave

Kelson on Deck
Getting his timing down...
The pictcher is throwing heat!
Give that ball a ride!!
Kelson up to Bat

B-A-T-T-L-E.... Battle Baby Battle!!

I took these pictures, of my little PeeWee, from up in the Scorekeepers booth...
More up-close pictures to come...
Cuz you gotta see his cute face :)
Stay tuned for "My Brave part II"

Schools almost Out!!

And for my 6th Grader... that means the Big 6th Grade project is due...
The Country Fair
Each student is assigned a country that he or she has researched.
They have been working on this, at school, throughout their last term.
My 6th grade teacher, who is now Brayden's 6th grade teacher,
reminded me of when we had our Country Fair...
I had Germany
Brayden has Afghanistan
Luckily we have an uncle who is from Afghanistan
and Great grandparents who brought home all these wonderful treasures
from living across seas (years ago)

A boiled goat wool coat made with leather and beautiful stitching
the tag inside says, handmade in Afghanistan...
The picture on top is a child's shirt made in Afghanistan
along with woman's suede gloves made with soft rabbit fur
and a traditional gold cap that men and boys wear in Afghanistan
I think it has something to do with their religion??
Oh and a shoe :)
Don't ask where the other shoe went??
It's still a mystery

Brayden did a wonderful job putting his poster board together
He pulled out a Scrabble card game and came up with the idea of using
the cards to spell out Afghanistan

Good Job Bug!!!
and in just a couple more weeks...
you won't be in Elementary any more (sniffle sniffle)
onto bigger and brighter things

Friday, May 13, 2011

Her New Obssesion, A Family Lives here Blog Hop

Ken-Doll learned to ride a two-wheeler bike in the beginning of April...
She has been addicted ever since!!
These are the only pictures I could get of her...then she zoomed off before I could yell,
"Where's your HELMET???"
Grrrrrr... the battle of wearing her helmet... gives me a headache even thinking about it!!

My baby is 6 and half, and about to graduate Kindergarten!
She surprises me everyday with her new attained knowledge about life, school, reading, friends, and JUSTIN BIEBER!!??
This little miss has the Bieber fever... BIG time!
I marvel in her childhood innocence...
It takes me back to when I learned how to ride a Bicycle...
My kindergarten crush was George Michael!!
Cuz I gotta have faith a faith a faith, I gotta have FAITH...
cuz I gotta have faith a faith a faith

I still like to hold her like the little baby girl she once was...
but I be sure to let go... so I can watch her grow..
and YES... I am a poet and didn't knowit?? bahahahaha

Love you Kenny Bear

Join in the fun over here:

Since we're still talkin Easter in May...

Kenny girl kept naming all of her eggs: "Here you go little orangey morangey"
"Are you hungry baby pinkie egg?"
"This one's name is Tara green"
"What's that you say Blue magoogoo?"
Who would have thought up these silly names?
My Girl :)

My mom's lips read: "Do not take pictures of me and post them on your bloooog!"
Shhhhhhhh... don't tell her I posted this picture :)

This fun Easter Tradition of Dying eggs has tilted the axis this year...
My 12 year old had no interest in dying eggs... not even the slightest!
Just a reminder, to myself, that my kids are growing so fast!
am I really on the verge of a teenager??
School is almost out, and my 6th grader will be promoted to Jr. High!
What awaits this time next year?
I welcome the unknown with open arms...
(at least I like to think that)