Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 :: Part 3

Thanksgiving evening...
We were invited over to our AWESOME neighbors' house for dinner
Here they are busy workin' the kitchen
Oooooh... Awwwww... Ohhhhhh.... That Bird looks (and tastes) Wonderful
Kenny Girl helped me prepare two different dishes...
The boys finally rose from the basement... they were busy playing video games with our
AWESOME Neighbor Dude... (no pics.. he wouldn't allow any without a hat in his face) haha

Our Darling AWESOME neighbor girl who was so sweet to my KenDoll
They danced and sang to Karaoke

Below are Modeling shoots... Kenny Girl was the photographer
she would call out an expression and we would act on it
"Get MAD!! Real Mad!"
self portrait: "Sad" or "I'm sorry"
Uhhhhhmmmm? "Annoyed" ?? hahaha I forgot
"Policewoman" haha Freeze!!

Love my Neighbors!! They were so kind to have invited us...
It was a wonderful evening with friends and family
We are thankful for our AWESOME neighbors

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Helper

Free Child Labor!!
The boys decided they would rather play catch..
This little girl helped rake and shovel every last leaf...
you should have seen the boys' faces when she received
a special treat for being such a big helper
Kenny Doll you make me HAPPY

What makes you Happy??

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 :: Part 2

Gary to carve the Bird...
My sister Jen is in the back ground... this is her hubby Gary
"Save the Neck for me... Clark"
one of many good lines from the movie Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase
The boys lining up for a Thanksgiving Lunch... Cooper, Cameron, and Brayden
Uncle Bruce and my Grandma T.
So nice to have them for Thanksgiving
Cooper and Coleman... making sure the rolls are done
(or sneaking a bite before lunch is ready)
My Beauty... KennyDoll
She dressed herself in her most beautiful dress for Thanksgiving
Nieces and Sister-in-law Ann
Natalie and Danielle
Boy has everyone grown a whole foot since last year??
Kelson... MIA until lunch is ready...
I think this was the only time I saw him in hours??
Brayden with our cousin doggy, Sirius Black
My Big Brother Tyler
Who's ready for Pie??
Kenley serving some slushie
and pie!
This was the only picture my niece, Brecken, would let me take of her...
That's the best way to eat whipped cream!!

the only person we are missing is our nephew Mason..
We tried calling him, but they must have been busy?
Happy Thanksgiving!!
I am so blessed to be a part of this Family
I am thankful for all of you!

Thanksgiving 2011 :: Part 1

Early Morning Thanksgiving My Friend Trisha took my oldest Boy to run the Human Race
(Turkey Trot 5k) Benefiting the Utah Food Bank
Rise and Shine!!! (Try 5:45 AM)
This kid was pretty much excited to run his first 5K marathon
Had to get a pic with the Halloween Marathon Hurse :) WOOT!
Thanks for taking Brayden, Trish!! You Both Rock!!

This Momma is PROUD!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lucky Lil' Lady

This little Chicky got to go to a Movie Star themed Birthday party....
It was a red carpet affair... with a sweet ride in a stretched limo
downtown to a fancy hotel for a fancy dinner, swimming, and pampering
The life of a movie star....

Kenley has now rode in 2 limos in all her 7 years...
I have rode in 0 limos in all my 32 years...
Add that to my bucket list... a limo ride

Friday, November 18, 2011


Remember Kenley's Birthday party at Color Me Mine??
It's been a week and it was time to pick up our ceramics...
They turned out soooooooo CUTE!!!

The Birthday girl got a special plate from the folks at Color Me Mine
each balloon is her friend's thumbprint

I got to paint this plate... Kenley helped
This is my Baby's hand print at 7 years old

What a fun Party it was!!!
I can't wait to go back and paint some other fun things :)

Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful for Family

Our Cousin Tami
Our Cousin Sabrina's BF Mark
Aunt Laura, cousin Jared, cousin Leisha and her husband John
attack of the killer olive fingers!!!
Aunt Tricka (Kris)
Cousin Kari Ann and her husband Nathan and their two little cutie girls

Aunt Karen and Grandma Betty
Handsome Devil
Kenny, Uncle James (my mom's Brother), BF Mark, Cousin Sabrina, Emery and Grandma T.

These were taken at my Grandma Betty's 90th Birthday celebration...
We don't get to see our extended family too often...
These are family members from my Dad's side of the family
We are Thankful for Family

This Marks my 400th Post!!!