Friday, June 29, 2012

Murray-Liberty All-Stars

Brayden made it on the 13U All-Team for Murray Liberty!
That's 2... 2 boys on All Stars!!
We basically eat, sleep, and drink Baseball around here ;)
 B. Lund Catching
 Like a Boss
What a Hit!!!

We rocked the Kearns Tournament!!
District Tournament begins next weekend...
More pictures to follow :)
(cuz you know I love taking a million pics of these kids!!)

Crown Colony All-Stars Official Uniform

 Love that lil bummy ;)
 Our official All-Star uniforms and hats have arrived!!
 Don't they look sharp!? 
And different from the old blue shirts and blue hats
(Brayden played 4 years of All-Stars)
I love the white hat!!! I even bought myself one :)
Crown Colony 2012 to add to my collection
 Practice game against Murray
 Love watching my little catcher Hustle...
He's so fierce!!
 Hey Batter Batter!!
District All Star Tournament begins Saturday night in Riverton!!
Let's Bring it Boys!!!

Crown Colony All-Stars

Kelson made it on the 8U Crown Colony All-Star Team
out of 42 PeeWee's, only 13 made the team!!

We have gone hard and practice EVERYDAY!!
We entered a pre-tournament,
 the Sandlot Tournament, in Rose Park
we came in 3rd place!!
wooo hooo Crown!!
Let's hear it for our Boys!!
 Let the Games Begin!! 
These Boys were pumped!!
Game one of 4
 Kelson up to Bat!!
What a Hit!!

 Battle Baby Battle
 I love his little baseball bum ;)
 Safe on Second...
and He steals... He slides.. He's SAFE!!

 My itty bitty catcher

Great Game Boys!!!

We are fierce!!
Watch out District Tournamet
We are bringing our "A" Game!!
Let's Go Crown!!

Let's Go Colts!!

Brayden played another season with the
Murray Colts 
Super League
This year they rocked the Diamond!!
We have entered the Rocky Mountain Baseball Championship 
and are in the the first seet
meaning: we are battling for First Place!!
up until now, we were on a 9 winning streak! 

on June 16th,  Brayden made MVP for both games..
First game vs. Kearns Cougars.. they were always 3 runs ahead, through the entire game..
we were up last,
Bases are loaded, Brayden steps up and rockets the ball clear to the back fence!!
3 Run in, (3 RBI) including himself to win the Game!!
Second game vs. Ultimate Sports... same thing happend!!
Another 3 RBI for the win
hit by my lil Hero...
All the boys ran out of the dugout and piled on top of him!! 
He was "higher" than a kite!!

Way to go Bray!!!
I was a proud Momma
and he "flew" all the way home :) 
 I heart #6
 Can you see the ball in mid air?
 Power Hit!!
 Our Murray Colts
 Hitting a Triple!!
 Brayden Catching like a Boss
 2 RBI Baby!!
 Brayden's Biggest Fans!!!

My Hero!!
Great Season Colts!!!
Can't wait for next year!!
Good luck in the Championships Saturday!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Girl

In the midst of the boys playing baseball...
There is the baby sister
who never complains about going to so many baseball games..
She is her bother's #1 Fan!!
To make things fun for her...
I decided to teach her some skills
 I taught her how to do simple crochet...
which she caught on so quickly

 Cross stitch was a little more difficult.. so we will save that for another day
She also mastered Boondoggle!!
Oh how I love this sunshine girl 
She is 

My Best Friend!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Haircuts

 My boys like to grow out their hair during the spring season
and for baseball
(brings some kind of luck they say)
I like my boys clean cut
and my skin crawls when that hair is all wild and crazy 
and sweaty with sweat and dirt and bugs and all of the other things boys are made of ;)
As soon as my Boys said... 
"Off with the hair" 
(meaning they couldn't stand the heat)
I grabbed them both and went to the nearest salon
faster than a blink of an eye...
didn't want to give them a second thought on haircuts
Even the doggies got summer cuts!!
Happy Pups!
Happy Boys!
Happy Momma!!

What makes you Happy??

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mom.. Pleeeeeease!?

Pleeeeease Mom!!? can we go Fishing??
and what a beautiful day for fishing...
The clouds covered the sun, so it wasn't too hot...
not much was biting but we had a lotta fun...

Beautiful Willow Pond

Catch of the Day!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


A Good Pedicure makes me HAPPY!!!!
What makes you Happy??

Monday, June 18, 2012

School's Out For Summer

Now that school has been officially out for a little over 2 weeks,
I must rewind to the last day of school...
Brayden passed the 7th grade... he will be going into 8th
breathe, breathe, breathe... 
It will be nice to not wake up so early everyday for the next couple of months...
Kelson finished 2nd grade with almost straight A's... he is excited for 3rd grade!
Kenley made it through 1st grade, loving the fact she got to eat lunch at school everyday... 
she is excited to be entering 2nd grade!

On the last day of school, Brayden was asked to come and talk about his 1st and 4th grade teacher who is retiring... We love you Mrs. Bailey.. 
Brayden was excited to have you as a teacher, twice!!
I am proud of my boy, and pretty impressed as to how he spoke in front of a crowd...
We also said farewell to our beloved principal, Ms. Martz
She is leaving the district to attend Law School
We Love you Ms. Martz..

Last Day of School!! Could they be anymore excited!?
Ms. Felt.. Kenley's first grade teacher
Mrs. Atwood.. Kelson's second grade teacher
Brayden speaking about fun memories and sweet stories about Mrs. Bailey
Brayden's 1st and 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Bailey... Happy Retirement!!
We love our principal, Ms. Martz!! Good Luck in Law School!!
 Brayden missed half of his last day of 7th grade...
He is excited to go back to Jr. High next year
 Happy Summer!!