Friday, June 24, 2011

Going on Vacation...

This Momma and her little birdies are Outta here....
4 Week vacation starting...

I may or may not be posting...
We shall see??
(like anyone would really miss us) lol

Can't wait to relax and enjoy the summer with my Babies...

Adventures await!!
Stay Tuned for some fun summer adventures.....


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where I always Want to be....

Looks like a Party!!!
(WARNING: picture overload.... I got a little picture taking/posting Crazay!)

It's someone's Birthday!!
Mmmmmm Cheesecake
This has to be our favorite spot to go all summer long...
Up in our Beautiful canyons (Millcreek Canyon) in the Wasatch Mountains
15 minutes from home
Best place to pretend we are camping, get dirty, roast hotdogs, tell stories around the campfire
then pack up and drive home

We love going with our friends
Don't know how to delete this self portrait... Guess it's a bonus for your eyeballs

It's this guy's birthday!!! He's married to my BFFFFFF...
I've known this guy since I was 17 years old...
(and I set these two love birds up...)
they made 3 beautiful boys
and have made it past 11 years of marriage...
They are some of my most favorite people EVER!!!
Happy Birthday Mr. Goose!!!
Can't wait to go to our favorite place again :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happiness is: A Girl and her Bubbles

This girl is tickled "pink"
A big bottle of "Miracle Bubbles" at the playground is what fun is...
I think she has mastered the art of blowing bubbles...
I asked her to blow me an animal shaped bubble...
A doggie
A kitty
A girafe
Big Bird
and maybe Bert and Ernie

She giggled
and that makes me HAPPY!!!

What makes you Happy???
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Friday, June 17, 2011

A Family Lives Here...

My sweet little plant buddy on top of my file cabinent
Pictures of my darling babies
for me to look at while I'm here
McLovin the sport magnet collection...

While I am away from home...
This is where I am 5 days a week...
Thought I would share a little piece of why I work everyday...
Providing for my little birdies is so worth waking up
and going to work...
I love my Job!!
It is so rewarding...
one more week here, and I will be off for a whole Month!!!
Yee Haw!! Bring on Summer Vacation!!

and TGIS (summer)

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happiness is... A good End to a good Season

These 3 boys were picked for All Stars 2011
My Giant!!
Brayden has played all 6 years at Crown Colony
This was his last year
onto bigger adventures (and fields)
Majors Division: Giants take 3rd place
Pee Wee Division: Braves take 1st PLACE!!! WOO HOO!!!!
Our First Place Team!! GO BRAVES!!!
Are you sick of my baseball posts??
Baseball makes me HAPPY
although the regular season is over....
there is more to come! All Stars has begun!

We love Crown Colony Baseball!!!
Crown makes me HAPPY!!!

This was Kelson's first year
and Brayden's last..
Man!!! do my boys sure grow fast??...

bahahchachahaha Imma poet... didn't you know it???

What makes you Happy???

Join in the Fun... I know it will make you HAPPY!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Family Lives Here...

The Fridge got too Crowded...
So I created my little art wall...
A little "ghetto" but it's only one wall
and in my Kitchen...
and my kids love it when I change it up with new pieces of their own art...

Do you have a place for your little one's master pieces??

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Brother

Gettin' down with the Keyboard
It's amazes me what interests you...
I need better pictures :)

You're not such a baby anymore...
but you'll always be my Baby Brother...

Today you are 31 years old!!!!!

Michael and I are 16 months apart...
Mikey was born with a rare genetic syndrome called Monosomy 21
(missing one of the 21st Chromosomes)
and many physical disabilities to boot...
(most names of his conditions I can barely say, or spell.. lol)
Where as Trisomy 21 is Down syndrome,
There are no medical history reports of any person with Monosomy 21
because they usually don't live past birth (not fully developed)

but... Mikey is unique
His 21st chromosome broke off and reattached to his 8th or 10th Chromosome
making him ONE OF A KIND
and that is just what he is...
One of a Kind
Even though you hit... and pull hair... but still give loves
We still love you...
and love your sweet personality and love for noisy things..

I "vuv vuv" you Little Brother
Happy Birthday Michael!!!!

Team Momma

These are our Coach Appreciation Gifts I threw together...

Gifts include:
Baseball Snacks
Crown Colony Window Decal/Sticker
Signed Baseball by our little PeeWee Braves (in a case)
Baseball figurine sculpture
We love our Coaches!!!

I was surprised, by the team, with this beautiful bouquet of Peonies

awwwwwwhhh I loved being Team Mom

And it all paid off...
PeeWee Braves took 1st place!!!
How exciting
I loved being Team Mom... did I already say that?? It's true...
at first, after Kelson told his coach that "his mom Kelly" would be "Team Mom",
I was grumbling, hissing, booing, and kicking dirt and thought of snatching up
Kelson and running for the Hills...
or just really thinking of all the excuses of why not being Team mom...
(it's a lot of work for a single Momma who already has a ton on her plate)

But I smiled and accepted...
and turns out...

It. Was. A. Blast!!!

I met some really cool parents and made some
new lifelong Baseball friends/families
for seasons to come
and most of all...
fell in love with these little guys of the Braves!!
Thank you for the Wonderful Season!!

Crown Colony Baseball 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Family Lives Here

Who let's their kids drive???
I could not resist posting this pic of my little guy when he was 3 years old...
My Little Kelson...
He thought he was so cool driving the BIG truck

Have you given your little one's a driving lesson???
(of course on your lap in a descreet neighborhood or parking lot)

Join in the fun over Alone on the Mountain Top...
for a "Family Lives Here"
Couldn't get my old computer to copy and paste link... Big Frowny Face :(
check her button out along the side bar under "one my favorites"
TGIF Folks!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Silly Strings

Elementary Band and Orchestra Concert 2011
I caught a picture of the little brother walking in with his class for the assembly
Brayden's Second year in orchestra
Awwwh my cute violinist...
He changed into his nice shirt and tie
But wore his basketball shorts instead of his nice slacks
I still think he looks Pretty Cute :)
I'm so proud of you Bug!!
Your concert was awesome!!
Well Done!!