Monday, January 31, 2011

Here we are at Monday.... again...

As much as I dislike Monday's... It's always nice to start a new week... Today being the last day of January, I have been thinking of what my goal for February is going to be??? I have thought about a diet...
but I am always on a diet (see food diet) I see it, I eat it!! J/K ;)
I am trying to become more healthy "foods" conscious... Seems like I'm not getting any younger! Gasp!! (Birthday in 7 days!) And my body is not liking some of the things I put in it...
But a diet seems like something I will always have a goal for...
It is an everyday Battle, of the chubber-blubber, for this Momma!
So I have decided to Stop drinking pop!! Let me repeat... No more POP!! I have cut down to the Diet sodas a while back... but even diet sodas promote Fat sticking to places that is hard to get rid of... The Aspartame in Diet Sodas increase short term memory loss... (What's my name again??) AND... Did you know you could cut up to 450 calories a day from not drinking Diet soda?! Diet soda can also cause Migraines... I, for one, get ocular migraines... And I think soda intake has attributed to those migraines?? So... for the month of February I am down with the Soda... and up with the water!! Wish me luck!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Mason!

Happy Birthday to my nephew Mason...
He turned 14 on the 23 of January...
Mason, we love you!
You have been through so much in your short 14 years of life...
and yet you still keep your head up and still know how to be silly...
Your mom and dad live through you...
I see both your mom and your dad shine in your eyes...
I know they love and miss you, and are with you everyday...
Happy Birthday Mason...
and many more...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

January Goal... Complete

Mr. Clean Ninja Turtle "Tuck"

This year, for 2011 new years resolutions, I decided to make a goal for each month to achieve... For the month of January, my goal was to have my house completely cleaned from top to bottom... As of January 25th... My goal was completed!!! My house has never been so sparkling clean!!! :) Walls, floorboards, floors, carpets (main traffic areas) are Clean... My room, the kid's rooms, bathrooms, family room and kitchen are Clean...
even my carport is Clean (minus the dirty leaves and spiderwebs)
And to top it off... the Snake and Turtle cages are the cleanest they have ever been!
YAY!!! Check January off my list...
February's Goal:
Stay tuned

Friday, January 21, 2011

Flashback Friday just for Fun

Lipstick Kisses (4 years old)
Discovering Life Flight at Discovery Gateway (5 years old)
Why so serious? Pre-game face (10 years old)
Sunshine Girl (3 years old)
Curious Kelson... Discovery Gateway (5 years old)
Buggaboo (9 years old)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oldie... but Goodie

The Boy cousins
on the Lund side...
July 2004
Dallin holding baby Kelson
and Jacob

I'm Dreamin of....


Got the Winter blues?? I do...
I can't wait for warm temperatures
to go swimming
and lay in the hot sun...


*pictures courtesy of sister-in-law Patsy Lund... Thanks Pats!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Heart

Kenny Girl got a new coat for Church...
This girl has stolen my heart
My heart belongs to two boys as well
I heart my 3 babies

Friday, January 14, 2011

So Happy it's Friday!!

And it's a 3 day weekend!!
Oooooh Holiday!
Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

12 days shy of New years Day...
This year I plan to make short term goals...
Each month I hope to accomplish something..
This month is to have my house clean from top to bottom...
I think I can... I think I can... I think I can...
I had a wonderful 2010
Here's to 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Happiness Project

Picture of a picture
April 2005
Momma and her Babies
Kelson 16 months, Kenley 5 months, Brayden 6 years old
This picture makes me Smile :)

What makes you Happy??


Monday, January 10, 2011

Sledding Fun

Tayden and Brayden ready to "shred" the hills
The sun was going down...
and it was Coooooooold!
Our buddy Evan lovin the snow
Kelson had a good time... He liked going over the jumps most
Kenny had a crash collision on her last run... She wasn't too happy
and was a frozen Popsicle to boot...
She still had fun... don't let this picture tell you any different

We had so much fun sledding with our best friends...
Let's do it again... this summer... when it's warm... ;)

Winter Wishes to you!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Rewind to Christmas Morning 2010

Merry Christmas!!!
Ooooh Santa Clause came...
WOWZA!! How did he get that all in his sleigh??

Busy opening presents...
Momma's favorite present... I have always wanted one!!
Now I can make 8 grill cheese sandwhiches at one time!!
Thanks Santa!!

The Pillowpets were delivered...
After months and months of hearing,
"I want a ladybug Pillowpet... I want a doggie Pillowpet"
And the commercial... ARGH!
"It's a pillow... it's a pet... it's a PillowPet!"
Top of the list of most wanted for Christmas

What a wonderful Christmas morning we had...
I am most greatful for "my" Santa(s) who help me everyday...
I love you!!


Rewind to Christmas Eve 2010

Kenny and Madison BFC's (Best friend cousins)
The Lund Christmas Jammies
Grandma Connie gives pajamas every year on Christmas Eve
Then we have to pose for our traditional pajama picture :)
*missing Dallin this year... He's on his mission in Brazil
Courtney, Brayden, and Jacob
So cute... I had to post it twice!! Bahahaha
Playing White Elephant Bingo... Traditions are so fun!!
cute cousin Gracie at the head of the table
Kenley and Mallory
Awwwh we love our cousins

I have pictures of "My" side of the family's Christmas party... I just need to figure out how to upload them... I borrowed these pictures from My Awesome sister-in-law
(Thanks Patsy)

We sure had fun at both parties...
It is my most favorite night's of the year... (Christmas Eve)
Being with family and celebrating the season...

It's a new year!! 2011

I have been a total slacker...
Still having issues loading pictures from either my phone
or camera...
So I decided to take a little break from the blog world...
But guess who's back!!!???
Ready... set... go!!!