Friday, September 30, 2011

September Birthday Shout OUT!!

We love you Grandpa Long (My Dad)
Happy Birthday September 25
Coca~Cola made your day... You used to be a Pepsi man...
but in the end, it was Coca~Cola Coke that you craved
We sure miss you...
and know you are looking over your Elf's and lambs
on Earth
We brought Mindy (my sister) some purple flowers...
she is right next to my dad...
Miss you Mindy!! Everyday!!
Happy Birthday to my Mommy!!!!
We love you Grandma "Mamma" Long!!
Happy Birthday September 24

And Shout outs to:
Grandma/mother-in-law Connie Lund September 26
Grandpa/Father-in-law Richard Lund September 14
and Great Grandpa Thompson... His birthday is today!!
Happy Birthday....

Goodbye September...
See ya next year

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I see a Letter...

This past Summer, my sister and I, went hunting for natural letters to spell out our last names.
Then we will put them in frames to spell out our Name to hang on the walls of our homes...
These are some of the letters I found...
Brayden put together what is in the last pic...
It sure was fun looking for letters with you Jen!!
Memories of my family make me HAPPY

What makes you Happy??

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall is HERE!!!

Happy Fall Equinox!!!
I love love LOVE the Fall season!!

(Thanks Baby Girl Linds for letting me steal this)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Can you imagine a giant warehouse full of trampolines??
Giant sponge pits to launch yourself into??
music pumping to the beat of jumping feet??
Seating all around for the supervising parents??
and the best air conditioning for the Hot and Sweaty??
This would be the place!!!! Airborne!!
We had so much fun!!
Dodgeball anyone?? Now here is where you can get your aggression out!
New game starts over as soon as the last man is standing
We went here to play for our little buddy, Brady's Birthday!!!
Sadly, Brayden had to go to Football practice...
I will have to take him on another day... Mom and Brayden date maybe??
This place is great for fun and excercise!!
They even offer Airobic classes :)
put that on my list of things to try....
Can't wait to go back to AirBorne and play again!!

Birthday Shout Outs!!!

HaPpY HaPpY Birthday to my Bestie!!!!
Lookin good for 29... AGAIN!!
(cough cough 32 cough)
She Lovin her husband with Birthday Cake
And to her littlest boy... BRADY!!!
Happy Birthday!!
5 years old!!

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Court of Honor

Brayden being camera shy????
Getting ready for Color Guard...

Brayden's biggest fans
There's my boy... I am so proud of you Brayden
Football pants and all :)
He's a multitasker... Football practice and court of honor all in one night
Brayden receiving his First Rank and 6 other Merritt badges
I am so proud of these boys!!
They have been through scouts together since they were 8 years old...
I can't believe how big they all are...
Sam Taylor received his Eagle
Brayden is working hard to earn his Eagle too...
This Momma is Proud

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let's Go To The State Fair

We had so much fun at the Utah State Fair
Monday night (September 12, 2011) was Family Night
Mooooooo!!! I love these cows :)
Most exciting part of the whole night...
Paul "The Gooseman"
This guy travels the country with his "family" of geese...
He dresses them up and does a little show...
He was quite the silly Hillbilly...
His flock of family's diet persists of:
Ho Ho's
and Pepsi
yes!! Pepsi... that's what is in the green bottle..
He reassured us that his little feathered friends visit the "Doc"
and they are all healthy as can be...

He flirted with my mom...
My mom flirted back ;) "Tee hee hee"

They were very friendly and pretty vocal with "honks"
and one sounded like it was laughing
He also rented out Binky's...
Thanks Mr. Gooseman for the laughs
Cute Ponies
At the wildlife building...
Brayden was wishing he had brought his fishing pole...
Some big Utah native fish in these tanks
The Famous Butter Sculpture...
This years theme was of the Royal Wedding...
Pretty cool 'ay??

What cool things have you seen at the Fair??

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happiness is :: Art

My Very Talented Niece's artwork was entered in the Utah State Fair
So, of course, we had to go see it!!!

The kids thought it was neat to see all the artwork, especially since we knew one of the Artists
Kenny exclaimed, "Oh How Beautiful"

We are so proud of you Natalie!!!
Way to GO!!!!!
This makes me HAPPY

What makes you Happy??

Friday, September 9, 2011


Our Buddy Blowie has returned from his adventures... and the unknown
IF only you knew where he has gone and what he has seen

Happy TGIF!!!
and to many silly adventures