Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blue and Gold

Time for the Annual Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet
Fun Cake Decorating contest..
Cake decorating isn't just for girls
Everyone was a winner...
a fork was their prize :)
Grandma's Boy
Kelson's stand in "Dad" for the night...
Kelson's Dad lives an hour away :(
Kelson earned his Bobcat...
It's tradition to hold the scout upside down while
Mother (or Grandma) pins the Bobcat pin on right side up...
When he is flipped right side up again, his pin is now upside down...
He can not flip it right side up until he has done a good deed

Kelson's biggest fans include:
his lil sister and Big Brother

and, of course, yours truly...
his Momma

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bowling For George and Abe

Girls team: Bowling Beauties
Boys team: Bowling Beasts
There was no school Monday, because it was Presidents day!
Happy Birthday George Washington and Abraham Lincoln!!
We went bowling in your honor ha ha ha
Bowling Buddies
Aunt Emery, my sissy, came with us...
Brayden working on his curve of the ball
This girl did pretty good... a little help with a bowling ramp
Kelson did pretty good with out the guard rails...
he was getting gutter ball after gutter ball
and getting pretty frustrated..
We told him, you are doing AWESOME and to not give up
sure enough... the kid got a Strike!! woo hoo!!
He even did a Happy dance
Big Brother helping lil sister
Oh... I thought I would throw this pic in
since it was taken before we left before bowling...
This was my attempt to a french braid crown
What do ya think??

Happy Presidents day!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Master of the Mat

Sorry for poor quality, fuzzy, pictures
This was an intense regional wrestling meet
Brayden did AWESOME!!!
The above picture is after him winning his second round
Below was his last match where he placed 3rd overall in his weight division
So proud of my Boy!!
He went from: "Mom.. I joined the wrestling team today and tomorrow is my first match"
to: Junior Varsity
to: Varsity
and is only in 7th grade
he is 5'5'' and 112 of pure power! grrrrrrrr!

See you on the Mat next year

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Makes My Heart Melt

My Heart melts when my oldest boy helps out his younger siblings...
Kelson was falling asleep on the couch, the other night,
and was too tired to walk downstairs to bed...
He wanted me to carry him...
Big Brother Brayden stepped in and gave him a piggyback ride to his bed
and then tucked him in...
Kleenex please... ohhhh be still my heart

Kelson and Kenley adore their big brother
He is a good example and looks out for them for their own good
although, at times, he wishes out loud that he was still the only child,
since he was for the first 5 years of his life,
but I know he loves them unconditionally
and is the best big brother
Brayden you make me Happy!!!

What makes you Happy??

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day!!

For My 3 perfect Valentines!!!
You make my heart Pop!!
I Love U

Who could ask for more better Valentines??

Valentines... You make me Happy!!

What makes you Happy??

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Officially 33

I was one spoiled birthday girl
Got the whole day off of work (and paid)
Enjoyed company with friends at lunch
Sushi YUMMYness
And finished the night with my 3 birdies
and a bestie
I couldn't have had a better birthday!!!
Thank you for loves and birthday wishes!!!
Marching on with year 33

Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Year Older... and Hopefully Wiser too!

Can you say... Spoiled??
Today is my last day of 32...
for tomorrow I will be forever 28 years old ;)
I celebrated with my girl friends this weekend
who not only showered me with love and thoughtful gifts...
Together we had a blast dancing and singing like we were still in our early 20's!
Party Bus Nation is the way to go...
up to 20 people can board this bus and party till the cows come home!
Lights, and music, and poles to dance from
(some have got sweet talent swinging from the ceiling of a moving bus)
Couldn't ask for a better shuttle ride
with 12 of the funnest girls

Thank you! Thank you for all those who came...
I sure feel Lucky to have such great friends

I am ready for year 33

Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's Ground Hog Day!!!

Phil has made his prediction...
He saw his shadow
which means
dun dun dun
6 more weeks of Winter!!!
(well duh... that was no brainer... Winter is barely beginning)
Since 1886 Ground Hog Phil has seen his shadow 100+ times
and has not seen his shadow only 16 times
They say he is usually spot on...
I agree with him this year because it's been springtime so far this winter
6 more weeks of winter 'ay??
I bet we get snow into June!!