Thursday, June 6, 2013

Last Day of School

 Last day of 2nd grade... onto 3rd for this girl!
We sure loved Mrs. Williams
 Last day of 3rd grade... onto 4th for this guy!!
We sure loved Ms. Hannah, she was absent today because she was
attending a High School Graduation
Kelson was awarded 3 awards in Mathematics!!
I am soooo proud!!! He struggled at the beginning of the year
but really worked hard and the payoff is sweet!
Pictured here is a regular substitute and our Principal

The big kid (aka Brayden)
has finished 8th grade is onto 9th next year!!
That is High School Status!!
I will have to get a pic of him later :)

Happy Summer!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Let's Go Utah Jazz!!

We are on our way to see the Utah Jazz Game!

One upon a night, not long ago,
My friend Slade and I took 6 kids (besties) on the train, and went
downtown to see the Jazz game

Riding on the train is so much fun... especially when you act like monkeys
taking the stairway to Heaven (aka Nose Bleed Section)
We got to meet Jazz Bear Jr.  
or Bear 1/2
He was soooo cute!!! I wanted to pick him up and carry him home ;)

We found our seats! Yay! Go Jazz!
As you can see... we are three rows down from the very top!!
Nose Bleed Section indeed
I was sitting in my seat and minding my own business, and all of the sudden
It starting raining silly string all over us!!!
Silly little Jazz Bear!!
This girl gets the "Cheer Award" for the night...
She cheered her little heart out!
The Jazz take the win!!! 
Go Jazz!!

Jr. Jazz Happened

 Kenny Girl's first year of Jr. Jazz
I signed these "Irish Twins" up for the same team...
Kelson was Mr. Basketball, and Kenley sure had fun running around chasing the boys ;)

 I heart #15 and #25
 Kelson on the move
 Getting some tips from coach
 Final game and receiving trophies!
Championship Baby!!
 Junior "Jazz" mints for our coach
 Thanks for the great season Coach Mahoney!!
Good times
See you next season!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Love :: Heart Day

This year for Valentines Day, I wanted to teach my birdies the true meaning of "LOVE"...  This past Chirstmas, 2 very special Angels suprised my kids with the 12 days of Chirstmas.  I knew exactly who they were, but didn't spoil the fun for my kids.  When Valentines day came around, instead of doing our traditional Valentines, I took my kids to those two special Angels' front doors, and gave them a "Heart Attack" and some other special valentine presents.  We sure had fun trying to be sneaky :) Afterwards, we went to the Red Lantern for a delicious dinner, and to see the owner who is our dear friend, and give him a special valentine as well :)  It was a good lesson for my kids to "pay it forward"... I have the Best 3 Valentines in the world... I love them very much!! Hope you had a very Happy Valentines Day!! xoxoxo

It's Not Easy Being Green

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day...

yes... we saw a lot of green... but what you don't see is my cute birdies dressed in all of their green... They wouldn't pose for one picture!?!  So I took pictures of my next favorite thing :) FOOD!
Corned Beef and Cabbage??! Yes please!! Mmmmmmm Dinner was delicious!!
 Luck of the Irish! I got one picture (barely)

Long Time No Bloggy

Shut The Front Door!!!
I am soooo behind!!
This crazy lady, you see here in the picture, started school!
yep! I took this pic right before I walked into class for the first time...
Since then I have not entirely forgotten about my lil Blog... or my Birdies,
I was just adjusting to my new schedule
and lost a couple more strands of hair along the way ;)

We have been quite busy...
I've got pics to prove it!! 
Bare with me for jumping all over the place with my posts,
but that is how I roll

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Note :(

Last night I found this note...
I had taken middle boy's iPod Touch 
for very good reasons...
I "Instagramed" this and titled it:
"I took his iPod... I am the MEANEST Mom in the World"

That's Right!!!
Meanest Mom EVER!!
He ran away to his bed... and fell fast asleep

Happy Tuesday!!