Friday, October 29, 2010

Dressed for School

Ready for some Halloween fun at School
Witchy Pooh, Football star, and Laughing Ninja

Bring on Trick or Treating!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pink in the Rink

MMmmmmMmm the food was so good
Cheering for the Grizzlies from our Sweet Suite!
Aren't they just precious!? Silly Kids :)
Momma and her Boy... Kelly's Son, Kelson
We had fun with our friends
Our tickets for the nights game
Wearing Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness... I Love it!!
Kelson loved all the cheering and was mesmerized by the fights on the ice
Kenny girl having a good ol' time

Thank you to our friend Chuck Cheese for inviting us to go see the
Utah Grizzlie's Hockey Game!! I have always wanted to take my kids,
and now I can cross that off the bucket list!
Brayden was with his uncles, so he will have to come next time :)
This night was Breast Cancer Awareness... aka Pink in the Rink...
So many people came dressed in pink...
Pink jersey's, pink bandanas, pink boas, pink ribbons, pink panties
ha ha wanted to see if you were still reading
It was an awesome game!!
oh... We won!!
best of all was the great food we ate, all while watching the game from a Suite!




Thank you Chuck Cheese and little friends

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Happiness Project

Free Pumpkins = HAPPY

My kids came home from school with coupons for free pumpkins
Happy Days!!
We went and picked our pumpkins out last night...
Can't wait to carve these beauties for Halloween

What makes you Happy?
Join Leigh and many others to see what makes us Happy!
Don't forget to leave comments :)
(That always makes me happy)


Monday, October 25, 2010

Little Spooks

The whole group of Spooks
Shon is such a good sport! He helped pull this party together
Mr. Jacob Head :)
Courtney (tissue box), Mallory (Amanda)
Kenley (witchy pooh)
Dorthy(Gracie) and the Wicked Witch(Patsy)
(But not really Wicked.. acutally Really AWESOME!
This was the Host to this fun filled Halloween Party)

Hope we have good weather for Trick or Treat night?
Sadly the weather wasn't so great on this fun party night...
But we still had a blast and fun filled fright...
Thank you Patsy

Let me tell you your Future

Madam Kelly at your service....
The cards never lie... your future looks bright
Feel your future's energy...
Gaze into my Crystal Ball and you will see...

Patsy did it again...
She pulled off a fun Halloween party!!
She asked if I would play a fortune telling gypsy...
and what do you think my answer was??

Friday, October 22, 2010

Mattress-Domino World Record

This was done at a Jr. High in Salt Lake City, UT...
WOW!! Looks like fun!!

The Hunters Moon

Wish I had a cool camera... but had my professional camera phone with me ;)
The full moon this month is called the Hunter's Moon
It will show it's full face tonight, but the weather calls for clouds throughout the weekend, ending with Snow on the Wasatch benches on Sunday... did someone say the "S" word??
I love our mountains... I took this pic last night of the Full moon peeking over Mt. Olympus...
you can kind of make out the rivers of red (trees) on the face of the mountain.
I love Salt Lake City, Utah and the majestic Wasatch Mountains that surrounds us...

Where ever you are... go take a peek at the moon tonight...
and if you're with someone, tell them, "Check out that Hunter's Moon"
you will look so cool, and sound so smart ;)

*stay tuned for the Beaver Moon showing it's full face on November 21
for other full moons check out Full Moon of the Month on my labels

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Happiness Project

I love the Redbox!!!
and what makes me totally Happy...
when the movie I want is in there!!

Besure to check in with Leigh Vs. Laundry
to see what makes us happy...
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Hats off to Healthy Living

"Hats off to Healthy Living"
Brayden is wearing his first hat he got as a baby... Silly boy ;P

This week is Red Ribbon week... Everyday has been fun dressing up according to the theme to Rally against drugs... We've had "Sock it to Drugs" (silly socks) then there was "Don't get tied up with Drugs" (neck ties) then "Hats off to Healthy Living" (you guessed it! Hats!!) then "Don't let drugs turn you inside out" (wear clothes inside out or backwards) Friday will be "The choice for me is Drug Free" and wear your Elementary school shirt... We sure have had the giggles each morning dressing for school. Especially today! My boys wore their pants backwards ( dang! no pics :'( ) Brayden looked down at his back pockets in front and exclaimed, "WOAH! Why didn't anyone tell me that my bum is so big!" ah ha ha ha! I laughed all the way to work!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Last Soccer Game for 2010

My babies were more excited about their Cotton Candy treat
then they were of the awesome trophies they had recieved!!

We gave Coach Frank candybar awards...
"you definitely deserve a payday for being such an Awesome coach!"
"you were mounds of fun"
"It's fun to 'Skor' with you coach"
"From the '3 muskateers', Kelson, Kenley, and Evan"
Thanks Coach Frank for yet another fun soccer season!!
(Isn't coach Frank soooo cute?) :)
(his little preggers wife and kids are too)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Silly Sock Day

Today is Silly Sock Day at school... part of the week long Red Ribbon Week, where students of all ages rally against drugs... Let's "Sock it to drugs".... The choice for me is to be Drug Free!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome Wednesday

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it's Welcome Wednesday!
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Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Happiness Project

Halloween Candy
aka chocolate

Sorry I missed ya'll last week... I was sick, sick, SICK!
That wasn't very "Happy"
But I am back, and in full speed...
To join in the fun
visit Leigh Vs. Laundry
and hook up with Mr. Linky...
What makes you Happy?


Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Garden

Argh matey.... ye be on me pirate ship
I'll get you my pretty!!
This one drank himself to death...
I told my kids, "this is what happens if you drink alcohol" ;)

We go to Engh's Garden every year to check out the Halloween displays... They have a giant pirate ship to play on... Pumpkins and decorations galore to check out... and fun music to dance and skip around in the Hay.... This year, they decided not to do their hay maze :( but we still had fun running around (for free) can't beat that!

Ready for Halloween?

Kelson made a spooky bench...
He had great ideas for those lights,
but this is where they ended up

This year, I let my kids decorate... My collection of Halloween decor grows every year, but this year I left it simple... (that and my Halloween decorations are down in the crawlspace, and we got spooked going in there... so.... Forget it!) Can't wait for Halloween!! We'll be ready...

Friday, October 8, 2010

10/10/10 = Tayden

an outbreak of 10's have appeared all over Tayden's house
Its 10-10-10 and guess who is turning 10 on the 10-10-10!??

aka Tater Tot
This little guy was born on October 10, 2000

weighing in at 7lbs, 8ozs and 19 3/4 inches long
And was even, almost, born at 10 pm!!

I remember going up to see his momma, (My BFF)
who had already been in labor for 27 hours!!!
She was in much discomfort, after having a hard pregnancy with gall stones, and all the complications of not having relief from the pain that comes with gall stones. Good night Nurse!
The doctors had come in and said they were going to take this baby C-section because they think his head is stuck in the pelvic bone, and the baby was under distress... I left my best friend with a kiss and a prayer, and not long after that, we got the call that Tayden had been born... I was so excited and thankful that everything went well. I first met this little bundle of joy the very next day. He was so tiny and sweet, and I can remember his little hands and pink feet... I was so Happy and Proud for my friends and their new little baby boy...

Fast Forward 10 years..
Now this baby is Ten!! and better yet... turns 10 on the 10-10-10. Did I already say that??
Tayden is a smart, SMART kid. He does well in school and in sports. He plays Baseball, Basketball and football. He is a dedicated kid and goes all out. His favorite hobbies (from what I see) are: showering, organizing, sports, games, and just plain vegging out with
family and friends... I love this kid!! I think of him as my own...
and those blue, blue eyes of his.. *sigh* are to die for!
Happy Birthday Tayden and many more...
Other interesting facts about October 2010:
This October has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays all in 1 month.
This only happens once in 823 years...
HmmmMmmmm... Interesting huh?