Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pedicure on my toes... toes

Feelin' Festive for the Fourth

West Fest Fireworks

Every year we go out to West Valley and watch the "West Fest" Fireworks... It's was West Valley's 30th Birthday Celebration. It happens every year, the last weekend of June. Taylorsville Day's are going on at the same time, it's kinda fun to see their firework display over in the near distance. This years' fireworks were AWESOME!!!!

Strawberry Moon

This Month's full moon was called the Strawberry Moon, and what a beautiful full moon it was!!

Can you say...

We set out to watch the West Fest Fireworks on the night of the 26th, and after the sun had set, and that Big 'ol moon started to peek out over the East Mountains... It was a site to behold...

Can you say...

Pictures wouldn't have done Justice... It sure was fun to see that big moon rise, while we enjoyed the fireworks that night.
*stay tuned for next month's full moon called the Full Buck Moon, appearing July 25

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Good Life...

This is Where I want to BE....


Picnic at the Baseball Park

Good Healthy snacks and sitting in the shade on a Hot summer evening...
Ken Doll is Lovin' it!!
Nothing like chewin' on Big League Chew Bubble Gum at a Baseball game..

Picnic at the Baseball Park was a Success!! Baseball season is still in full effect... All Stars that is... We packed up a blanket and a picnic cooler and set off to cheer our Boys on!!

First Lost Tooth

The Tooth Fairy is coming for Kenny Baby... For the first time!!
She lost her first tooth at Mother's Helper (Daycare) on Tuesday, June 22... I had mumbled out loud, "Crap! The tooth Fairy needs to go get some cash"... Brayden stepped up to the plate, and handed me 2 dollars, "Here mom, here's from the tooth fairy, and I can put the money and get her tooth if you just want to go to bed tonight?" My heart melted...
Brayden is such an Awesome kid!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crown Colony All Stars 2010

Winners!! taking a knee for the coaches

Crown Colony All Star Team 2010

So far... so good...
Let's go to State BOYS!!

Colts Super League

Aside from Crown Colony... Brayden was invited to play for a Baseball Super League... The COLTS!! This team Rocks!!! On Friday the 18th of June, these boys endured 6 hours of baseball... That's 3 back-to-back games in a row!!! They still Rocked!! They won the first 2 and tied in the last game... All in all we had a great season!!! GO COLTS!! now onto All Stars...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

My Father and Mother Married in Salt Lake Temple
March 5, 1965
My Dad's LDS Mission Picture
This is the picture my mom saw of my dad
and fell in love :)

Happy Father's Day Dad!! I love and miss you... It's been five years since you returned to Heavenly Father, but your memories are still alive and close to my heart...
Happy Father's Day!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Guess What!!??

Went to the grocery store last night with Erin, Brady, Kenley, and Emery.... I also learned how to turn on my Bar-b-que!! MMMMmmmMmmm.... Steaks everynight!!! Can you say YUM-O!!!??

New Puppies

4 years old now... Isabelle and Oakley
Oakley was in the best mood in his new summer doo

The little dogs went for their summer hair cuts...
They look like puppies again!!
so stinkin cute!!

Splish Splash

From all the rain this last weekend...
made great puddles to Splash in...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Last Game... But not for long....

Majors Vs. Minors on Baseball Funday!! Bumble came to help
Cash Money and Brayden getting ready for the tug-o-war
Go Team Dodgers!!! 2nd place!
Coach Frank
Coach Paul

Team Dodgers played their last game, and took second in Crown Colony Baseball... What a great season!! Brayden took Second in the Home Run Club, and was voted onto the All Star team (2nd year) for Crown Colony... Our first All Star Tournament is this Saturday... Good Luck All Stars! (the Colt's Super League's last game is this Friday... more to come on that)
Thanks for the great season Coach Frank and Coach Paul!!! We love you!!

Suprise for Momma

The notes were from my two littles... (and help from Aunt Em)

Yesterday, when I arrived home from a long day at work, I noticed a bunch of notes on my door... I thought, "OH NO!! Had the Landlord come by and left an eviction notice?" Turned out to be the best suprise notes ever!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

I Heart These....

I Heart My New Shoes!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Take me out to the Ball Game

And that is just what we did... We "four" went down to Spring Mobile Ballpark
to watch the Salt Lake Bee's...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial Day

This stump we found reminded me of ET
(he's flipping us off for burning him)

Here it is... a week later... and school has officially finished and summer has begun... This year for Memorial day, we went up Millcreek Canyon for a Weenie Roast...
Thanks Shon, Patsy, Emery and kids,
for such a fun time... Let's do it again soon!!