Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to School

So excited for the first day of school....
and going to a brand new building to boot!
Happy First day back baby birdies...

They really are excited to go to school (all day) together
Can you see the excitement??
2nd Grade!!
1st Grade!!
Dropped my oldest off to his new adventure in Junior High
7th GRADE!!!
BOY!!! Do these kids grow so quick or what???
Brayden looks so tall!! actually he's only 3 inches shorter than me
and we wear the same shoe size!!!
Love you Birds
Happy First Day of School

Monday, August 29, 2011

Out with the Old... and In with the New

Our old Elementary School...
R.I.P Old Woodstock
Ripped down this summer to make access and parking for the Brand New school
that was built behind our school all last year...
We watched as they tore her down, section by section for weeks :(

Woodstock Elementary... Where my siblings, myself, and my children went to school
My oldest was the last 6th grade class to go through the 6th grade pod
They managed to save this from the old building and now it's forever in our new building
Kenley is in 1st grade and Kelson is in 2nd...
I think they were more excited about their new lockers then they were of anything else
Here she is...
in all her Majesty...
Our new school is Born and open for Business

These kids are excited for school :)
So is their Momma...
School started August 22nd...
Stay Tuned for First day of School pictures tomorrow

Friday, August 26, 2011

Flashback to 24th of July

For those who are not from Utah, our Utah holiday is the 24th of July
(where the Mormon pioneers came to settle in the Salt Lake Valley)
We always set off fireworks for the 24th of July
Lovin some Sparklers
There was a new law this year, that you could set off Aerial fireworks up to 150 feet in the air
and...... you could set off these fireworks from June 26 to July 26...
before you could only do ground fireworks and fountains
only 3 days before and after the 4th and 24th of July...
the night's sky was exploding with fireworks all month!!!

Of course Aerial fireworks are like 50 bucks and above
and this mom couldn't afford that :(
so we settled with some pretty amazing fountains...
Luckily our neighbors had some pretty awesome Aerial fireworks to watch :)
Kelson was the only one posing for pictures...
the other two were off running with the neighborhood kids
Everybody say "Euuu awwwhhh Ooooooh"
How neato ;)

We had a Fantastical time...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Camping Wrap Up :: Nature and Friends

On our last day of Camp... We went for a hike up and around Brighton

It was so beautiful and refreshing in the Mountain air...
so much beauty to take in
Say Cheese!!!

Can you say GORGEOUS!!!??
Then our Best friends came up to join us for Dinner...
Here the kids were pretending to fish...
We sure had fun

And that's a Wrap!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Goin' Fishin'

They love Fishing
The big Brother teaching the little Brother

Ready for Fun


Roughin' It

Macho Man Kelson is bringing the bathing bucket
Nothin like taking a bath in a bucket at camp

We did get a little shower...

More pictures of Happy Campers tomorrow :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We goin' Campin'... Part 1

Can't kiss my Babies enough...
Something I wanted to do this summer was take my Birdies camping...
We went July 19-21
Location: The Spruces
Getting ready for fishing

Now that we've set up camp... What should we do?

Love playing in the dirt

This is the tent that my Brayden set up, and took down all by himself
What a MAN!!
Trisha the camp Director ;)

*stay tuned for more camping adventures tomorrow