Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Happiness Project

The new Grill that opened just around the corner from my house
makes me so Happy!!!
and the food... oh the food.... it's making my mouth water just thinking of it!!
The name of the place:
Here are some of their retro signs they have on the walls of the restaurant
They crack me up

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First Big Snow Storm for Utah

The Babies are making a snowman

Winter Wonderland
Sunday Morning 11/21/10
We woke up with no power, and a frozen house
We ran for shelter at my Mom's house
(She had power and heat!! YAY!)

Today, Tuesday 11/23/10
calls for a full on Blizzard
Warnings have been placed and the storm is predicted to start early this afternoon
It is freezing outside and the winds are bone chilling...
ya'll be safe out there

Fairy Birthday Party

Magical Fairy Dust for each Fairy Friend to take home

Kenley had a Fairy Birthday party... 10 little fairy friends came to the enchanted forest (Garage)
for fairy training...
Fairy Tutu's with magical Pixie Dust
Guess who's excited for her Fairy Birthday Party??

Kenley's Fairy House

Each fairy friend got a "Fairy Finder" to look for Fairies
(magic scope around the neck)
and a "Fairy" tutu with magical pixie dust
There were different stations to do an activity at:
Paint a Fairy house (with Mallory)
Fingernail painting with glitter nails (with Shelby)
Bracelet making with Fairy beads (with Courtney)

Thank you to my nieces for helping with the stations...
And thank you to my Besties for helping make these Tutus...

Glitter and Giggles filled the enchanted garage
all while rocking out to Hannah Montana Forever soundtrack

Happy 6th Birthday my sweet Kenny Girl

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Haven't Forgotten My Kenny Girl

This Girl turned 6 on November 8...
I still haven't had time to write about her Sweet "Birth"day
and her fabulous Fairy birthday Party...
It will come...
I love you Ken Doll
(This picture was taken on her actual Birthday)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Happiness Project

There he is.... Mr. Beauuuuuutiful
Pretty Boy... girl?... bahahaha
Princess Kenny Girl and her royal Kitty

Happiness is when my little boy and little girl play so nicely together...
Kelson was outnumbered by girls...
he gave in and played dress up with his sister and girl cousins
What a good sport!!

What makes you Happy?
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Monday, November 15, 2010

I won AGAIN!!

Wanna see the picture?? Go to Leigh Vs. Laundry and check it out
My second "Funniest Blogger in all the Land" Award

Over at, there is a fun game called Freakshow Friday...
Leigh posts a funny and some kind of freakish picture, where readers can comment and come up with a "quotation" for the picture... The results are in and guess who won!!!???? Just guess :)

Me me me me me me ME!!!

I was just thinking of this picture this morning, and came up with another quote:
"Are you sure this is how we should tell my parents we are pregnant?"
"My dad's gonna shoot you" won!!
Me Funny ;)

Visit Leigh's blog and be sure to play the next installment of Freak show Friday

Friday, November 12, 2010

Brayden holds the Priesthood

Brayden, I couldn't be more proud of you
Dang!! How did my baby boy get so big and handsome!?
Pondering thoughts?
My super hero

Brayden has graduated primary and has advanced into Young Mens at church...
Today (November 7th, 2010) Brayden was presented in Sacrament Meeting
where he bore his testimony (very sweet)
and after we met in the Bishop's office so Brayden could be ordained a Deacon
and receive the priesthood
Uncle Cody ordained him...
Cody and Diane and their girls, Shelby, Courtney, and Mallory
came to be there for Brayden
along with my mom, Emery and I
and Brayden's Best bud, Peter
It was so Awesome and the spirit was so strong...
Yes we are LDS
I am so proud of you Brayden
I love you

The Playoffs

Kelson can't wait to play football like his big brother Brayden
He's got his head in the game
Running through the Banner... GO COLTS!!

This year our Mitey Mites Team A and B went to the playoffs...
We (Team A) faced our hardest opponents... Kearns
We played good and hard and had some Awesome plays...
But in the end... Kearns won
It was a great Football season and many thanks to our dedicated coaches
what's up next???? Basketball!!!!
Game on!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

RIP Matt

May you find Peace and the answers to the questions you so desperately sought after...
I love you Matt...
"Thanks Easter Bunny... Bock Bock"

Matthew G. Jewkes
February 20, 1969 -November 5, 2010

I'm Still Here

A life changing tragedy happened, this past weekend, in our family... Our sweet and dear friend and brother Officer Matt Jewkes took his life Friday Morning, November 5th, 2010. He was married to my sweet sister Mindy, who passed away 2 years ago unexpectedly.... They have left their only son, my nephew, who is now almost 14. He has so many people who love him and will help him through this difficult time... and for the rest of his life... I love you Mason... I love you Mindy... I love you Matt... May you have found peace and the answers you were desperately seeking for.... RIP Matt and Mindy...

Things I want to post and catch up on when I get the chance and my heart has healed a bit more are:
  • Colts Mitey Mite playoff game
  • Brayden got ordained with the priesthood at church Sunday and graduated primary
  • Kenley's 6th birthday post (November 8)
  • Kenley's 6th birthday Fairy party
  • Matt's Funeral (Maybe??) It was an amazing funeral
  • random thoughts and pictures... blah blah blah fun stuff :)
stay tuned...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rewind to Brayden's 12 Birthday Party

How did you grow so fast?
12 years old!!!
Birthday party + friends + skatepark = Good times!
Check out his mad skateboarding skills... mom is mad about him not wearing his helmet
(New super skinny jeans... don't know about today's styles)
His friends were so good to him... We had a good turn out

The weather was the best part!!! I couldn't have asked for better weather...
Happy 12th Birthday Buggaboo!!
Enjoy this last year of childhood...
even though you act like a teenager... please go easy on me
I love you

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop

It reads: "Calling all fairies from far & away
come join us as we celebrate
Kenley's 6th Birthday!

I am so excited for Kenny Girl's Birthday Party
Here are the invitations!! They turned out so cute!!
Thanks to my Awesome Sister-in-Law Patsy...
She is so talented and has the best ideas!
Thanks Pats!!

Be sure to join up with Take it From Me
for Welcome Wednesday's Blog Hop

Happy Blogging!!

Rewind to Halloween

Brayden did a good job carving his own pumpkin
He thinks it looks "so sick"
My friend, Cheese, ran the Provo 13.1 Halloween Marathon Saturday Morning! Woop!
I am proud of my Cheese! you rock!!
An awesome Kitty cat pumpkin we admired
This neighbor goes all out for Halloween... Pirate themed
Ye be ridin' me bicycle... Arrrgggh
So sad it's raining Cats and Dogs :( Brrrrrrr!!
Kenny being a big girl and trick-or-treating all by herself
Not very good weather for trick-or-treating
Fun Neighbor who invited us in for a good spook...
They had big paintings on the walls that had portraits of scary old people with moving eyes
Setting the scene for Trick-or-Treaters... Rain!! and more rain...
This is my costume.... you guessed it!!! I am a Mom :)
Ready to go Trick-or-Treating
Kenny baby wasn't feelin so good today... She made it to a couple houses, but had more fun passing out the candy to the little spooks!
My mom passed out 585 pieces of candy, and they still kept coming!!

Happy Halloween!!!