Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy First Day of School!!

 First day of 8th Grade
First day of 3rd grade and 2nd Grade
Kelson: Mrs. Hannah
Kenley: Mrs. Williams

Three Cheers for the New School Year!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer is going... going... almost gone....

Only a week till School Starts...
Where has the summer gone??
We sure had a lot of fun this summer...
There are some things we are going to miss....

Going to miss.... playing in a swimsuit all day, everyday!!

Skip it... and jump rope...
Slurpees galore to beat the heat
This was free Slurpee day... 7-11
playing at Chuck E. Cheese anytime of the day...

Say Cheeeeeese!!!
running through the sprinklers in the hot summer sun....
most of all.... sleeping in!!!
this is what I call the "mom pile"
they all love coming to my bed... and piling on to watch morning cartoons
We love you!!!
See you next year!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ready for Wimbledon??

6 weeks of tennis lessons is all it took for these kids to become Pro!

 She doesn't look to excited does she??

We loved tennis this summer!!!

Holy Guacamole!!! Time to Catch Up!!

This Momma has been on a month long Vacation...
Playing ball, watching ball, swimming, hot dog roasting, visiting friends and family, watching sports, tennis, piano, cleaning, sleeping in, staying up late, eating popsicles and slurpees... 
and so much more!!
It has been AWESOME!!!

But it's back to the grind...
and school is almost ready to begin!!!
Going to be "rewinding" for quite a few posts (more than a few)
Ready... Set... Go!!!