Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

 Zombie attack!!!! Runnnnnnn!!!
 Miss Claudina from Monster High
Bret Michaels wishes you a Happy and Safe Halloween!!!

*stay tuned for more Halloween.... 
Brayden is joining the Zombie Apocolypse this evening

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Littlest Cheerleader!!

My boys have the best cheerleader in all the Land!!

Here I am, the crazy Football Mom, who cheered louder than most, with loud obnoxious Cow Bells! But wouldn't you if you had such a stud Muffin like this??

Monday, October 29, 2012

Kelson and the Colts :: Part 1

Ohhhh Boy!!
I've got some catching up to do!!

This year's Football season has been a busy one...
Two Boys playing for the Colts makes one tired Football Mom!
Kelson Completed his very first Football Season
playing on the A Team Gremlins
Big Huge Thanks to Coach Jeremy Christiansen
and his 3 other assistant coaches
and another Big Huge Thanks to our Super Awesome
Team Mom Cammi!! 

I have so many pictures
I might just have to break up these posts in Sections...
and don't you worry your pretty little face!!! I have posts for Brayden too!!
 Pre-season scrimmage with our "B" Team
and our mighty coach doing what he does best!!
 Kelson is in the tall yellow/gold socks
 He was made Center and snapped that ball to the Quater Back.
His coach asked me one day, how Kelson became such a good snapper?
He told me that it's hard to come by at this age, and Kelson was "killing" it!!
I told him that his older brother has been having Kelson snap the ball to him since he could walk!!
Simple training is all :)
He didn't get it from his Momma
These little guys are soooooooo cute!!!
They were a joy to watch... 
Little Bobble heads! hahaha
They grew stronger and stronger each week

Stay tuned for more Football Posts!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Real Men Wear Pink

 We made it to Primary Children's Orthopedic's
The Surgeon took another round of X-rays and decided no surgery will be necessary!!
He broke his left arm... if it had been his Dominant (Right) Arm they would have done 
surgery forsure... but Dr. Holmes feels confident that this teenage boy is a strong and healthy Lad
so they are casting his arm in a 90 degree angle for 3 weeks
and then they will see how he is healing...
if he heals nicely... they will hit him with rounds and rounds of Physical Therapy...
He doesn't know it yet, but Physical Therapy will be his next "Sport"...
sorry Basketball :(
 The Dr. said his arm will be bruising even more 
as the healing begins with the cast on...
Holy Bruise, Batman!!
 Here is the nurse threatening him: 
to not stick anything down in the cast, to not use the cast as a weapon, no football, basketball, wrestling, or Gym, no jumping on trampolines,  no riding scooters, rollerblades or skateboards.
Most importantly.... DO NOT GET THE CAST WET!!
etc. etc. etc.
 Studly Pink for this Stud Muffin
 So glad he doesn't need surgery
I was the Lucky One who got to sign his cast first :)

Let the Healing Begin!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I need to get my rear in gear and get posting before the year runs out!!
Both Brayden and Kelson have been playing football this year.
Kelson's first year Gremlin A Team
Center Snapper
and Brayden's 6th year Bantam A Team
Tight End, 2nd string Quarter Back and "Horse" as Defense

Last Saturday, October 13, 2012, Brayden got his first serious injury!
I'm talking first serious injury Ever in every sport he has EVER played!!
He has been so lucky so far...
But not this time :(
These are pictures of printed pictures...
The top one is of Brayden carrying the ball and diving through a bunch of opposing players...
The bottom is of him landing with his arm outstretched to catch himself...
Then 4 players piled on top!! 
 Oh Snap!!!
He was in a lot, A LOT, of pain... and this kid never gets hurt!!
The sports trainer said to take him to get X-Rays immediately..
They wrapped him up tight and sent him on his way
In conclusion....
His poor elbow is fractured!!

Actual name is called...
Non Displaced Transversed Fracture of the Olecranon of Ulna
in other words... Broken Funny Bone
(not so funny)

We are off to see the Orthopedic Surgeon at Primary Children's Hospital today
I hope all turns out well, and no Surgery is needed...
 but from what a bunch of people have told me,
this is a fracture that requires surgery to repair...

Cue tears... Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!
My poor Baby!!!

He's Tough!!
his Momma? not so much!
Wish us Luck!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


It's Red Ribbon Week at our Elementary School
Where kids pledge to be Drug Free
and in doing so... each day is a different dress up day
to show "We want to be... Drug Free!!"
 Today is Crazy hair day!!!
 Last year, the color lingered (stained) for a couple of weeks
your hair is lookin kinda Crazy!!!

you should see my hands!! Crazy multiple color hands!!

My kids being so excited to dress up for school makes me Happy!!!
What makes you Happy??

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

Last week we went to Disneyland!!!
This was my 3 birdie's first time ever going!!
And boy! Did they ever have a blast!
Here are just a couple pictures that I have downloaded off Facebook..
I haven't gotten around to unloading my camera yet... 
but be prepared!!! 
I've got One Zillion pictures!!

Here's Part 1 to our Disneyland and California Adventure Trip...
 We have arrived!!!
It was record Hot temperatures for this time of the year... 
They said the humidity was just as bad...
But we didn't let that bother us

 This was my kid's favorite ride... 
California Scream!!
I am getting too old... hahaha
I had white knuckles the whole time!
 after the 2nd round... I let go!!
Rock on!!
 It was my Mom's birthday... so Disney hooked her up with this birthday pin!
Everywhere we went, everyone would shout, "Happy Birthday Elisabeth!!"
of course we all took turns wearing it ;)
 The best part was our California cousins who met up with us!!
They all became quick BFF's
Just like me and my cousin (their mom) were growing up!!
It was fun to see miniature "us's" laughing and hanging out and having a good time!!
 We love our Cousins!!
 The next best thing.... Disney Night Life!!
Wow!! Everything comes alive with lights, color, and magic!!

 We sure had fun!! I think I've already said that???
So I will say it again... We sure had FUN!!!
And this, my friends, is what it looks like after a whole day at Disneyland!!

Family and Fun make me Happy!!!
What makes you Happy??