Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth

Last week we went to Disneyland!!!
This was my 3 birdie's first time ever going!!
And boy! Did they ever have a blast!
Here are just a couple pictures that I have downloaded off Facebook..
I haven't gotten around to unloading my camera yet... 
but be prepared!!! 
I've got One Zillion pictures!!

Here's Part 1 to our Disneyland and California Adventure Trip...
 We have arrived!!!
It was record Hot temperatures for this time of the year... 
They said the humidity was just as bad...
But we didn't let that bother us

 This was my kid's favorite ride... 
California Scream!!
I am getting too old... hahaha
I had white knuckles the whole time!
 after the 2nd round... I let go!!
Rock on!!
 It was my Mom's birthday... so Disney hooked her up with this birthday pin!
Everywhere we went, everyone would shout, "Happy Birthday Elisabeth!!"
of course we all took turns wearing it ;)
 The best part was our California cousins who met up with us!!
They all became quick BFF's
Just like me and my cousin (their mom) were growing up!!
It was fun to see miniature "us's" laughing and hanging out and having a good time!!
 We love our Cousins!!
 The next best thing.... Disney Night Life!!
Wow!! Everything comes alive with lights, color, and magic!!

 We sure had fun!! I think I've already said that???
So I will say it again... We sure had FUN!!!
And this, my friends, is what it looks like after a whole day at Disneyland!!

Family and Fun make me Happy!!!
What makes you Happy??

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