Friday, October 26, 2012

Real Men Wear Pink

 We made it to Primary Children's Orthopedic's
The Surgeon took another round of X-rays and decided no surgery will be necessary!!
He broke his left arm... if it had been his Dominant (Right) Arm they would have done 
surgery forsure... but Dr. Holmes feels confident that this teenage boy is a strong and healthy Lad
so they are casting his arm in a 90 degree angle for 3 weeks
and then they will see how he is healing...
if he heals nicely... they will hit him with rounds and rounds of Physical Therapy...
He doesn't know it yet, but Physical Therapy will be his next "Sport"...
sorry Basketball :(
 The Dr. said his arm will be bruising even more 
as the healing begins with the cast on...
Holy Bruise, Batman!!
 Here is the nurse threatening him: 
to not stick anything down in the cast, to not use the cast as a weapon, no football, basketball, wrestling, or Gym, no jumping on trampolines,  no riding scooters, rollerblades or skateboards.
Most importantly.... DO NOT GET THE CAST WET!!
etc. etc. etc.
 Studly Pink for this Stud Muffin
 So glad he doesn't need surgery
I was the Lucky One who got to sign his cast first :)

Let the Healing Begin!!

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