Monday, October 29, 2012

Kelson and the Colts :: Part 1

Ohhhh Boy!!
I've got some catching up to do!!

This year's Football season has been a busy one...
Two Boys playing for the Colts makes one tired Football Mom!
Kelson Completed his very first Football Season
playing on the A Team Gremlins
Big Huge Thanks to Coach Jeremy Christiansen
and his 3 other assistant coaches
and another Big Huge Thanks to our Super Awesome
Team Mom Cammi!! 

I have so many pictures
I might just have to break up these posts in Sections...
and don't you worry your pretty little face!!! I have posts for Brayden too!!
 Pre-season scrimmage with our "B" Team
and our mighty coach doing what he does best!!
 Kelson is in the tall yellow/gold socks
 He was made Center and snapped that ball to the Quater Back.
His coach asked me one day, how Kelson became such a good snapper?
He told me that it's hard to come by at this age, and Kelson was "killing" it!!
I told him that his older brother has been having Kelson snap the ball to him since he could walk!!
Simple training is all :)
He didn't get it from his Momma
These little guys are soooooooo cute!!!
They were a joy to watch... 
Little Bobble heads! hahaha
They grew stronger and stronger each week

Stay tuned for more Football Posts!!

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