Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I need to get my rear in gear and get posting before the year runs out!!
Both Brayden and Kelson have been playing football this year.
Kelson's first year Gremlin A Team
Center Snapper
and Brayden's 6th year Bantam A Team
Tight End, 2nd string Quarter Back and "Horse" as Defense

Last Saturday, October 13, 2012, Brayden got his first serious injury!
I'm talking first serious injury Ever in every sport he has EVER played!!
He has been so lucky so far...
But not this time :(
These are pictures of printed pictures...
The top one is of Brayden carrying the ball and diving through a bunch of opposing players...
The bottom is of him landing with his arm outstretched to catch himself...
Then 4 players piled on top!! 
 Oh Snap!!!
He was in a lot, A LOT, of pain... and this kid never gets hurt!!
The sports trainer said to take him to get X-Rays immediately..
They wrapped him up tight and sent him on his way
In conclusion....
His poor elbow is fractured!!

Actual name is called...
Non Displaced Transversed Fracture of the Olecranon of Ulna
in other words... Broken Funny Bone
(not so funny)

We are off to see the Orthopedic Surgeon at Primary Children's Hospital today
I hope all turns out well, and no Surgery is needed...
 but from what a bunch of people have told me,
this is a fracture that requires surgery to repair...

Cue tears... Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!
My poor Baby!!!

He's Tough!!
his Momma? not so much!
Wish us Luck!!

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