Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Toothfairy is a Coming to School??

Look what Kenley lost...
Her top two teeth have been loose for a month
Grandma Connie took care of business...
the other one is about ready to come out as well...

Grandma Connie has pulled all 3 of my kids teeth...
Brayden: 3 teeth
Kelson: 2 teeth
Kenley: 1 toof

She has the gentle touch... and gets that little pearly white before you even know it :)
Kenley didn't even flinch!

Kenley didn't want the toothfairy to visit quite yet because she wanted to take it to school to show her teacher... and the tooth is still at school...
She thinks the tooth fairy will come there...
She asked if she could take her pillow, to put the tooth under her pillow at school??
riiiiiiight! good thinkin though!!
anything is possible

Happy Easters!!

Lund Cousin's with their new Easter Balls from Aunt Trudy and Uncle Erik
What great foot rests!!
Enjoying Easter Dinner with Family... all Lund grandkids except for one...
We love our Missionary in Brazil... but miss him so much...
Oh my word!!!! Shelby is quite the baker... These were so yummy!!!
so soft and moist and melted in your mouth... I think I had 3... oops!
Shelba; my birthday is yesterday, today and tomorrow (and February)
This is all I want for my Birthday!! (2 dozen... better make it 3)
Shelby is making sure the boys share the eggs they so quickly snatched up
Kenny Girl showing off her pink "baby" egg
Here are the BFFC's (Best friend forever cousins) 1 year and 2 days apart
Hunting for eggs...

Thank you Lund Family for an Awesome Easter Sunday!!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter too!!
and thank you Pats for letting me steal these pictures :) Muah!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happiness Project

Kelson's 7th Birthday Party
(December 2010)
Jungle Jim's Playland

This kid loved his miss-matched cupcakes...
My bad... forgot to order the "halo guy" ones...
But he liked them anyways, even though some were flowers, balloons and baby Elephants...
This kid makes me HAPPY!!!
He is so easy going, and is so easy to please...
LOVE you Kelly's son (Kelson)

What makes you Happy??
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Just thought I post some pictures from the nearly past...
*Thanksgiving 2010*
This is our cute cousin Cooper
(say that three times fast: Cute Cousin Cooper... cute cousin Cooper... cute cousin Hooper ;)
He is my oldest Sister's second boy...
3 month's older than Brayden
Cooper is super smart and super talented!!
He is top of his grade in reading and spelling...
I think he won his school's spelling Bee and went onto state competition!?
He is also on heck of a ball player... both Football and Baseball...
I think he is a carbon copy of my sister :)
We love you Coop!
Kenny girl is cheesing it up in the back ground

(In the back ground is my oldest brother, his wife, and my niece)
And here we have Brayden, Cameron, and Kelson
Cameron is Cooper's little brother...
He is the "Dare Devil" of his family...
Has no fear of anything!!
Brayden and Cam are like two peas in a pod...
Always looking for a silly, crazy, sporty, good 'ol times...
and not afraid to get dirty...
They would be happy sitting in a big vat of mud... wrestling!! ha ha ha
That and Cam is super Awesome at catching little critters like frogs, snakes, and lizards...
We love you Cam!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Family Lives Here...

Game Closet: I spy an asthma in-haler and my tax return information...
Geeeze!! Someone needs to get organized!!

Junk drawer: I spy a BYU cozy and 3 or 4 Cream O'Weber 5 cent milk tops...
I would get organized, but it may just confuse my family??

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lunch with my Middle

the "Charley"

Today Kelson had his post-op follow up appointment from his hernia operation
He is 100% back to normal and looking good!

Since Kelson missed lunch at school, we decided to go to
The Old Spaghetti Factory at Trolley Square Mall...
We had so much fun... He liked the 'Charley' best (couldn't say Trolley)
I explained to him that the building we were in was where all
the old Trolley's used to sleep 100 years ago...

Kelson asked: "How did the Charleys get in here?"
"Did you ride the Charleys when you were little?"
"Where are all the Charleys now?"
"Did the Charley turn into a bus?"
"Did policemen drive the Charleys?"
"How fast did Charleys go?"
"Can we go ride a Charley?"

Good food + a little bit of history = the best lunch date a momma could ask for :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Momma is no Fool

While my mom was on an errand.... Me and Cheese cleaned out her fridge
(shoved all food into empty beer boxes)
When she came home we asked if she would make us a sandwhich...
mom said: "make your own sandwhich!!!"
I asked if she would get out the lunch meat and that's when she opened her fridge...
At first it was scowls of disgust (my mom is L.D.S.)
and then it turned into a huge laugh fest...
She even posed for pictures! Bahahahahah!!

Thank you for being a good sport for our Entertainment!
Love you Mommy
You make me HAPPY!!

What Makes you Happy???