Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beast Mode

Varsity team mate giving Brayden some tips before his match
Getting into Beast Mode
And it's ON!! like Donkey Kong!!
Go Brayden Go!!!

This is Brayden's first wrestling match...
He never ceases to amaze me!
Last week he came home from school asking if he could join the wrestling team
I figured his grades had improved... so why not?
I asked him when his meets were??
he replied...
"Oh... tomorrow"
Gulp!! That fast!? Does he even know what he's doing??
of course....
He was a BEAST!!!
Kid... you make me Happy!!

even though I squirmed in my seat... thinking a neck might snap,
or an arm might pop off
or a knee my crunch??

What makes you Happy??

Friday, January 20, 2012

Kelson's Special Day

Kelson on his special Day
was Baptized on January 7, 2012
By his Dad
Trying to be serious?? hahaha Kelson wanted to do a "Silly" picture
I sneeked a pic during the program
Uncle Gary Confirmed Kelson
a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints
Afterward, we enjoyed cookies, fresh fruit, and yummy punch
and also enjoyed family and friends...
so many came to support Kelson on his special day
Best Friends Forever
Evan and Kelson
Trisha and her Mom, Mother Teresa
His dad and Step mom Jodi, big brother Cody, and big sister Amanda
Grandma Connie with uncle Erik, aunt Trudy, and cousin Courtney
Grandpa Richard
Both Great Grandmas
Gramma Momma
and of course... yours truly
with her 3 little birdies

Kelson, your parents and family are so proud, of the decision you made,
to be baptized and confirmed
a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints
(yup! we are LDS)
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are so Happy...
you made a special covenant with Heavenly Father
and have been blessed with the Gift of the Holy Ghost
He will always guide you to choose the right
and help you feel comforted when you feel alone or feel scared

on the way home you beamed with happiness, and had a sweet spirit about you...
I remember you telling me how clean you felt...
I hope that you will always remember this day

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rewind: New Years Eve

The Boys are looking at the moon with Brayden's new telescope he got for Christmas
Way cool :)

New Years Eve was so much fun!!
We had a yummy dinner and delicious treats
and enjoyed a cozy fire right in our front yard!
Roasting cocktail weenies??
When the clock struck midnight... we banged in the new year!!
I was thinking about the past year 2011...
It was a year of changes and new and exciting things...
Brayden entered Jr. High, this past fall, and loves it!!
He also turned 13!!
Kelson had to have a hernia repair operation back in March
he is all better and good as new..
he's pretty proud of his tiny scar
Kenley started 1st grade in the fall...
That means all day school including Lunch!!
Hahaha Silly Tayder Tott :)
I had to learn to share my kids... for their Dad met a good woman and
they were married this past year...
She is good to my babies and loves them... and they love her
In with the New and out with Old!!
Welcome 2012

I met some of my monthly goals in 2011...
one big one was to give up soda pop!
I am pleased to announce... SUCCESS!!!
This year my New Years Resolution is to work on my Health
I have joined in a Biggest Loser Competition with my Family...
So far so good... I have learned to love walking (and rocking out with the ipod)
and still trying to not hate climbing the bleacher steps...
and toning my arms and legs with stretchy power band... Roar!
I still HATE sit ups! I think I have managed two thus far ;)
and last but not least...
Momma needs to get back to school

Happy New Year!! 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rewind: Christmas Break

We had so much fun at Hollywood Connection...
Here you can play miniature golf
ride rides
roller skate
laser tag
and play arcades
I went on the little Dragon coaster with my Kenny Girl
Fun ride!! Except my knees got smashed and I felt like my baby girl was going to fall out when we went around the loops... Oie!! much funner experience when you are a kid!!
Waiting for our turn to board the Dragon

Happy Faces!!
literally!! ;) hahaha Nacho Cheese
The only un-blurry picture of this ride... they were spinning around so fast!
Bray and Tay on the bumper cars

This ride looked fun... noisy and obnoxious but still fun for the littles

Good times on the Merry-Go-Round!!

Good times with Good Friends!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happiness is found on the Rink

On Christmas Vacation we decided to go with our friends to Hollywood Connection
We tried Roller skating... and had a blast!!
I think Evan became pro in less than an hour...
he was super natural and did so good!
Way to go Alec!!
Kenny girl stuck close to the walls...
but made at least 20 laps around the rink
I heart this smile!!!
The older boys, Brayden and Tayden, helped our littlest guy out...
Brady seemed to have fun... but then off went his skates

Watching these kids having fun make me HAPPY!!!
I even got a pair of skates on and hit the rink!!
Only went once around before thoughts of broken body parts
and Emergency room visits started to flood my mind... then off with my skates!
Haven't skated in 20 years! I used to rule the rink when I was a kid...

What makes you Happy??