Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rewind: Christmas Party at my Mom's Part 1

Every year my Mom throws a wonderful Christmas party for our Family...
(I think this is the only picture I have of my niece Brecken and half the back of my nephew Cameron's head :( they don't stick around much for pictures haha)
First we start with a wonderful dinner having traditional foods
like Ramaki and honey roasted Ham
My sister-in-law, Ann, brings her sauerkraut with bacon pieces and Kobasa....
(mmmmm my favorite! I look forward to it every year ;))
Enjoying dinner
In this picture, that I have yet to mention, is my Uncle Bruce...
he is my mom's baby brother
Natalie and Ann (Niece and sister-in-law)
Natalie is the oldest of the Grandchildren for my parents...
She is a Senior this year in high school...
She is super smart (all AP classes) and has so much artistic talent
Singing, and drawing/painting
My sister Emery and oldest brother, Tyler
my niece Danielle... I think I surprised them while eating... hahaha
My nephews, Cooper and Mason
Coleman is the second oldest grandchild for my parents
he is in his Junior year of high school and quite the pro Golfer (varsity golf team)
My Cheeser... Kenny
Kenley is the baby of the grandchildren for my parents

My Brother-in-Law Gary... Gare Bear
My sissy Emery and I wore twiner shirts to the party...
And aren't they festive?? (red and green) haha
My dad's mother, Grandma L., and my sister Jennifer
Jen reminds me most of my mom
I aspire to be just like her when I grow up!
My mother's mom, Grandma T, and her little sister, Aunt Nyda
So glad that Nyda joined us for the party
Here she is...
The Queen Bee
My beautiful, wonderful, extraordinary Momma!!
Thank you for the wonderful party you work so hard to make...
You're the BEST!!

*stay tuned for part 2 of this party

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  1. Love the twinned shirts!!! Looks like a blast!!


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