Friday, January 20, 2012

Kelson's Special Day

Kelson on his special Day
was Baptized on January 7, 2012
By his Dad
Trying to be serious?? hahaha Kelson wanted to do a "Silly" picture
I sneeked a pic during the program
Uncle Gary Confirmed Kelson
a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints
Afterward, we enjoyed cookies, fresh fruit, and yummy punch
and also enjoyed family and friends...
so many came to support Kelson on his special day
Best Friends Forever
Evan and Kelson
Trisha and her Mom, Mother Teresa
His dad and Step mom Jodi, big brother Cody, and big sister Amanda
Grandma Connie with uncle Erik, aunt Trudy, and cousin Courtney
Grandpa Richard
Both Great Grandmas
Gramma Momma
and of course... yours truly
with her 3 little birdies

Kelson, your parents and family are so proud, of the decision you made,
to be baptized and confirmed
a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints
(yup! we are LDS)
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are so Happy...
you made a special covenant with Heavenly Father
and have been blessed with the Gift of the Holy Ghost
He will always guide you to choose the right
and help you feel comforted when you feel alone or feel scared

on the way home you beamed with happiness, and had a sweet spirit about you...
I remember you telling me how clean you felt...
I hope that you will always remember this day

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  1. Love it! So sorry We couldnt make it! Looks like a blast!!


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