Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rewind: New Years Eve

The Boys are looking at the moon with Brayden's new telescope he got for Christmas
Way cool :)

New Years Eve was so much fun!!
We had a yummy dinner and delicious treats
and enjoyed a cozy fire right in our front yard!
Roasting cocktail weenies??
When the clock struck midnight... we banged in the new year!!
I was thinking about the past year 2011...
It was a year of changes and new and exciting things...
Brayden entered Jr. High, this past fall, and loves it!!
He also turned 13!!
Kelson had to have a hernia repair operation back in March
he is all better and good as new..
he's pretty proud of his tiny scar
Kenley started 1st grade in the fall...
That means all day school including Lunch!!
Hahaha Silly Tayder Tott :)
I had to learn to share my kids... for their Dad met a good woman and
they were married this past year...
She is good to my babies and loves them... and they love her
In with the New and out with Old!!
Welcome 2012

I met some of my monthly goals in 2011...
one big one was to give up soda pop!
I am pleased to announce... SUCCESS!!!
This year my New Years Resolution is to work on my Health
I have joined in a Biggest Loser Competition with my Family...
So far so good... I have learned to love walking (and rocking out with the ipod)
and still trying to not hate climbing the bleacher steps...
and toning my arms and legs with stretchy power band... Roar!
I still HATE sit ups! I think I have managed two thus far ;)
and last but not least...
Momma needs to get back to school

Happy New Year!! 2012

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