Monday, June 18, 2012

School's Out For Summer

Now that school has been officially out for a little over 2 weeks,
I must rewind to the last day of school...
Brayden passed the 7th grade... he will be going into 8th
breathe, breathe, breathe... 
It will be nice to not wake up so early everyday for the next couple of months...
Kelson finished 2nd grade with almost straight A's... he is excited for 3rd grade!
Kenley made it through 1st grade, loving the fact she got to eat lunch at school everyday... 
she is excited to be entering 2nd grade!

On the last day of school, Brayden was asked to come and talk about his 1st and 4th grade teacher who is retiring... We love you Mrs. Bailey.. 
Brayden was excited to have you as a teacher, twice!!
I am proud of my boy, and pretty impressed as to how he spoke in front of a crowd...
We also said farewell to our beloved principal, Ms. Martz
She is leaving the district to attend Law School
We Love you Ms. Martz..

Last Day of School!! Could they be anymore excited!?
Ms. Felt.. Kenley's first grade teacher
Mrs. Atwood.. Kelson's second grade teacher
Brayden speaking about fun memories and sweet stories about Mrs. Bailey
Brayden's 1st and 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Bailey... Happy Retirement!!
We love our principal, Ms. Martz!! Good Luck in Law School!!
 Brayden missed half of his last day of 7th grade...
He is excited to go back to Jr. High next year
 Happy Summer!!

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  1. Hooray for Summer! what a fun post! Your Kids are so awesome kel!


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