Friday, June 29, 2012

Let's Go Colts!!

Brayden played another season with the
Murray Colts 
Super League
This year they rocked the Diamond!!
We have entered the Rocky Mountain Baseball Championship 
and are in the the first seet
meaning: we are battling for First Place!!
up until now, we were on a 9 winning streak! 

on June 16th,  Brayden made MVP for both games..
First game vs. Kearns Cougars.. they were always 3 runs ahead, through the entire game..
we were up last,
Bases are loaded, Brayden steps up and rockets the ball clear to the back fence!!
3 Run in, (3 RBI) including himself to win the Game!!
Second game vs. Ultimate Sports... same thing happend!!
Another 3 RBI for the win
hit by my lil Hero...
All the boys ran out of the dugout and piled on top of him!! 
He was "higher" than a kite!!

Way to go Bray!!!
I was a proud Momma
and he "flew" all the way home :) 
 I heart #6
 Can you see the ball in mid air?
 Power Hit!!
 Our Murray Colts
 Hitting a Triple!!
 Brayden Catching like a Boss
 2 RBI Baby!!
 Brayden's Biggest Fans!!!

My Hero!!
Great Season Colts!!!
Can't wait for next year!!
Good luck in the Championships Saturday!!

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