Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat... Halloween Night

Cousin Jacob, best buddy Tayden, Cousin Courtney, and Brayden
The big kids got to run a muck on their own...

This year...
Our Lund cousins came to join us and our Friends, The Battermann's,
on Halloween Night...

Trick or Treat!!
Smell my Feet!!
Give me something good to Eat!!
Cowboy Brady and Snow White Kenley...
She's Kissin a witch in hopes it will turn into a prince! ;)
Me and my little Brood
We went to visit Aunt Trudy, Uncle Erik and Grandma Connie...
They had some fun treats for us
Lund Cousins
Kelson found a house in our neighborhood that was giving out drinks and hotdogs!!
Cute Cousin Grace and Kelson... These two were hard to keep up with!!
They would still be trick-or-treating if we hadn't said "NO MORE!" hahaha
Cousin Courtney... she went as her Dad, Cody
Here 's the real Cody!!! hahahaha
Cousin Mallory, Kenley and I
we were waiting for the rest of our group
Kelson and Grace being brave to the guys waiting on the front porch
My sister-in-law, Patsy, and I
"Good Vs. Bad" ;)
Our Neighborhood was all a buzz... and had some really cool decorations!!
This guy was walking up and down the street on stilts handing out candy...
I was trying to get his number ;) I do like 'em tall... LOL
Patsy, Jacob, and Grace
Thank you Patsy for bringing the Lund Clan to our neighborhood this year!!
What are you guys doing next year???

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!!


  1. Aww FUN!!! Love All Your Costumes!!!

  2. A man on stilts? Guys hanging out on the porch ready to scare kids? Freaky decorations? Where do you guys live? We need to come to your neighborhood next year. Sounds like the olden days thats for sure.


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