Thursday, November 10, 2011

Party Time

This year for Kenley's Birthday party we went to Color Me Mine
This cute little ceramic art studio where you paint ceramic figurines
I have always wanted to have a little girl party here,
ever since it opened years ago, before I even had a little girl...
It was worth the wait!!
The invitations...
I thought the little paint pallet tied in nicely
Little Dancing flowers for our friends
We colored on T-shirts so paint wouldn't get on our clothes...
didn't help much for Kenley's skirt... she used it as her cloth wipe!

Little Livie and her mom Lindsay
came for the party...
Linds and Erin (my awesome friends) helped me so much!!!
Thank you for your Awesomeness!!
Love that this girl is so Happy :) She kept giving me kisses all night
The cute Party Room
Everyone chose something different to paint...
and then the Birthday Girl gets a plate with each of her friends thumb prints on it...
I think they make those thumb prints into balloons?
can't wait to see it after it gets fired in the kiln
Olivia.. our littlest friend
Best Buddy Brady and his mom Erin
Brady was the only Boy at the party... He and Kenny have been best friends forever
Kenley and I got to paint a plate together...
I painted her hand and had her put her hand print on the plate
She was very loved by her friends who showered her with birthday presents
The Cake with 7 candles

She doesn't look excited... Does she??

Thank you friends for coming!!!
We sure had a great Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to my Baby Girl


  1. Aww CUTE Pics Except the ones with me... HAHAH! Do I really Look like that ;) jk. lol. LOVED the party! Seriously a blast!! Loved it loved it! thanks again! muah!

  2. I always loved that place. I will have to remember this for one of Annabelle's birthdays. Just a great idea and experience for the kiddies.

  3. Happy birthday! Looks like a fun party.


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