Monday, May 16, 2011

Schools almost Out!!

And for my 6th Grader... that means the Big 6th Grade project is due...
The Country Fair
Each student is assigned a country that he or she has researched.
They have been working on this, at school, throughout their last term.
My 6th grade teacher, who is now Brayden's 6th grade teacher,
reminded me of when we had our Country Fair...
I had Germany
Brayden has Afghanistan
Luckily we have an uncle who is from Afghanistan
and Great grandparents who brought home all these wonderful treasures
from living across seas (years ago)

A boiled goat wool coat made with leather and beautiful stitching
the tag inside says, handmade in Afghanistan...
The picture on top is a child's shirt made in Afghanistan
along with woman's suede gloves made with soft rabbit fur
and a traditional gold cap that men and boys wear in Afghanistan
I think it has something to do with their religion??
Oh and a shoe :)
Don't ask where the other shoe went??
It's still a mystery

Brayden did a wonderful job putting his poster board together
He pulled out a Scrabble card game and came up with the idea of using
the cards to spell out Afghanistan

Good Job Bug!!!
and in just a couple more weeks...
you won't be in Elementary any more (sniffle sniffle)
onto bigger and brighter things

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  1. HOw Fun!! He Did AWESOME!! I remember I had Poland... Good times ;)


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