Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trip to the Emergency Room

So... after a long day of recovery from Kenley's surgery and her being miserable... Kelson started to cough as he went to bed. He coughed himself silly, coughing so much he threw up! not just once, and in one bed, but 5 times through out the night! The Poor boy coughed so much that his little throat was all tight and swollen, not allowing him to breathe... I tried everything! Humidifier, steamy bathroom, cold air outside, vick's vapor rub, Delsym cough medicine...
After a whole night of coughing and a barf party, and Kelson having a very hard time breathing... I decided to call my sister to the rescue and take him to the Emergency Room at 4 AM... Thank you Emmy for coming to help me, again, with Ken and Brayden...
While in Emergency room, they gave Kelson a breathing treatment, and a steroid for inflamation of his throat and lungs. They had to observe him for 4 hours after that... OH BOY!! The things to stay awake... cleaned out purse, filed my nails, watched TLC channel and Sesame Street, and took self portrait pictures to send to my Bestie ha ha ha ha ha

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