Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Baby Brother

well he's not such a baby... He's going to be 30 this year!! Mike and I are 16 months apart... We love him so... Mike was born with Arthrogyposis of the joints and Scoliosis of the spine... (Spell check?) Later on my mom had his genetic makeup studied and learned that he had a chromosome deficiency. He has Monosomy 21, which is... he is missing one of the pair of chromosome 21. Usually monosomy 21 babies die before birth or shortly after. Michael is one of a kind... He has out lived medical history!! There is no record of his condition before him.. Part of the one chromosome 21 broke off and attached to another chromosome 8 or 10 or 9 or niner something?? Mike is our special boy. He completes our family. He has taught us love and patience and so many lessons. He loves to pull hair, throw things, eat cookies and bread. He loves McDonald double cheese burgers. He loves things that make noise (keyboard, vacuums, noisy toy guns) but he also will settle for a shoe or a spatula?? We never know with Mikey, but he is easy to please. We are so Thankful for his 2nd Mom, whom he lives with, and all the helpers who help with him. We get to take Mikey Saturday afternoons, and many other times that come up. I love you Mytoes!!


  1. I Loved playing with Micheal when i was younger! Im glad he is doing well!!!

  2. Oh Linds... I remember you were the only kid who wasn't afraid of Michael... He even pulled your hair a couple of times. But you still would get him toys and say hello to him.... =0)


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