Thursday, December 6, 2012

Officially 9

 Kelly's Son, Kelson, is officially 9 years old!!
This was him at 2 weeks old
his cousin Mason loved holding this little squirt
I did too :) He was so teenie tiny and made the cutest monkey noises
 After school, we went to Grandma's house to open some more 
Birthday presents...
He was Ecstatic!!  I don't know if you can tell??

 Then we hopped in the car, ran and got pizza,
and headed to the skate park to meet up with some friends
 it had been raining all day... but that didn't stop these Die Hards
 These kiddos pulled some amazing and breathtaking
stunts and tricks!!
I kept thinking... tonight is not such a great night to go to the E.R.
but we had a lot of fun, with no injuries!!
 Even Mom's, my Bestie, tried some stunts!!! ;)
You go girl!!!
 Most of my pictures ended up like this... Blurry...
Faster than lightning I tell ya!!
 Here he is...
Birthday Boy!!!
Happy as a Lark
 Die Hards!!!
Winter won't stop them from playing outside
 Dare Devil Brady...
we couldn't believe the things he was pulling off on his 
Bad Big Wheel
 We ended the night with Jr. Jazz practice...
we shared doughnuts with the team...
and went home to some Birthday Pie and a slice of Birthday Cake
Make a Wish Monkey Boy :)
Kelson... I love you so much...
you are my Monkey Boy
you bring me great joy and tons of giggles
(and make me want to pull all my hair out at times)
Thank you for being my middle son...
Love you to the Moon and Back
Happy Birthday!!!

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