Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Beautiful Baptism Day

It's Great to be 8
 My Beautiful Girl, Kenley, was Baptized and Confirmed 
a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
This took place on Saturday Morning,  December 1st, 2012
 Kenleys' beautiful white Baptism dress
 Here she is in her Baptism jumpsuit...
doesn't she look darling??
 Kenny wanted to take a picture of me and her...
a little blurry but still cute
 Kenley was Baptized by her Cousin Coleman...
He did an amazing job, and couldn't be more proud
He is my oldest sister's Son, and Kenley was "tickled pink"
that Coleman Baptized her
 Her other cousin, Dallin, confirmed Kenley a member of the church
She was so Ecstatic to have her two oldest boy cousin's from each side of 
the family Baptize and Confirm her on her special day
She was all smiles
and beamed of sweet light
 One of her best friends (and future husband;)) Evan, came and hugged
Kenley after all that was done...
Is she Blushing??
 Kenley's Great Grandma Thompson was able to attend her Baptism 
we are greatful she is still with us to do so...
There were so many that came to support Kenley on her special day...
I don't know why I don't have more pictures??
Afterwards, we went back to my Mom's house for refreshments...
Thanks to all those who came this day!!
It "forever" will be in Kenley's Heart
Families can be Together Forever
I am so thankful for that...

I am so proud of your decision to be baptized and confirmed a member
of the church.  You are such a joy to me.
Always singing, and dancing, and drawing...
your little spirit lights up our world...

I love you Kenny Doll

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