Tuesday, December 1, 2009

YAY!! It's not Ringworm Folks!!

After taking Kelson to 3 different doctors, with no improvement to his eye or legs, I finally got a referral to go see a Dermatologist. Brian Williams was way awesome! He knows Kelson's condition is not Ringworm. Oh...... Aside Kelson's eye and legs, he broke out from the K-flex antibiotic!! He is allergic!! He broke out from head to toe in this horrible rash that went from red welts to big scabby looking bumps. (they really itched) Anyways... Dr. Williams thinks Kelson has really sensitive skin and has Dermatitis. (also allergic to something) So he told me to throw away all the other creams and medicines we were using before and try this anti-inflamatory cream. Oh wow!! After just one day, the bumps have almost vanished and his eye has never looked better!! The patches on his leg still needs a little help. (they looked really sad) Thank you Dr. Chapman for your concern and efforts, and thank you for referring us to Dr. Williams. Kelson really liked him... He made him giggle and me smile... Kelson's birthday is this Saturday... 6 years old!!

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