Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Flashback to Turkey Soup Night

Once again... it's Turkey Soup Night 2011
We gather on the Lund side, on the Sunday after Thanksgiving,
where Grandma Connie makes her famous Turkey soup
using the leftover Turkey from Thanksgiving...
This soup is so delicious!! And there are a ton of different ways
of how everyone eats their soup..
With or without crackers
homemade rolls with Cheese sauce or butter
HOT sauce... Tabacco sauce or Tapatio
and Ketchup... yup! Ketchup
Grandma adds something new each year...
This year she added squash! YUM!!!
I don't think the kids even knew... it was sooooo good
Mmmmmmmmmm my mouth is watering!!
Since we are gathered on this night with our family, I asked if we could celebrate Kelson's birthday since it's only a week away (from this point)
(we did this last year too... I think it might be a trend?? What do you say Fam??)
Grandma Connie's quilt that she has made for each of her 10 grandchildren...
has fabric from Grandma Pearl, Grandma Lindsey, and Grandma Connie's own wardrobe
G-ma Connie asked if I remembered where the green floral fabric is from...
I said, "didn't you wear this dress to a wedding?"
She said, "yes... your wedding"
Even though I am no longer married... 3 beautiful children came from our marriage
and it's the best thing that could have ever happened for us :)
below you can see Grandma Connie stitching the final stitches in her quilt she made for Kelson
Time to blow out the candles
Happy Birthday (a week early) to our Kelson!!

I love my Family

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