Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Should have listened to your Momma!!

Cleaning his whole room
My toliets look so sparkly!!

The report from the District

Yesterday, I got a call from Brayden's School Principal..... Uh-Oh! Again!!?? After telling Brayden he'd better not take his little pocket knife to school.... What did he do??? Yep! you got it... He took it to school... At recess, his little friend (partner in crime) pulled out his own knife that he brought to school as well... Except his was big, and Brayden's was little... Some argument broke out, and Brayden went and told the teacher that his partner in crime brought a huge knife to school... Guess what happened?? His little friend told on Brayden as well...
The parents were called... the cops were called... Brayden and his little friend have been suspended for two days, two years on probation with the district, and this has been filed with the police who took the knives and filed a report...
Juvenile record in 5th grade!!
Should have listened to Momma!! Tears were shed, and so were the sorries.... and now I have free child labor for the next two days!! woop!!
Anyone need their toilets scrubbed??

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  1. Your lucky that wasnt on the local news, and it sounds like he might need a pat down before school or hopefully that scared him enough TO LISTEN to momma!


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