Thursday, March 3, 2011

Life's Challenges

Kelson has had Enough!
Time to get better so he can get back to playing
Life seems challenging at this time...
but we are pulling through
Kelson has had some pretty scary health issues...
He has an Inguinal Hernia (surgery set for March 7)
but then he came down with strep throat... They put him on Amoxicillian
and 4 days later, he swelled all up and is covered with hives from head to toe!
His feet are so swollen and broke out he can't even walk :(
He eyes and mouth swelled so big and are all angry and red :(
His tongue even broke out and it hurts to eat or drink :(
His joints hurt from the swelling and itching :(
Enough already!!!
It's only day 3 of this, but I think we are on the upside??
The hives look like they are trying to smear out of his skin...
only one eye is swollen shut...
and he could swallow his pills without yelping his tongue is on fire...

Hmmmm... ???
I think surgery will have to wait???
(at least that area of his body is behaving)

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