Friday, July 13, 2012

Going Pro

Brayden and his Murray All-Star team won their district tournament
for a treat they got to play on a semi-pro baseball field
at Lindquist Stadium
home of the Ogden Raptors
What an experience!!
They even had an announcer guy commentating the whole game!!
How fun is that???
 Here comes the take off after a huge hit!!
 B. Lund is up to bat again... Hit, Run, Score!!

 Beautiful day for a ball game!!
My Sister Jennifer and her kids came to watch Brayden play..
My mom, my sister Emery, and Kenny girl cheered our hearts out!!
Go Murray!!
 In the end..... we lost....
but we really won!!
what a privilage it was to play on such a grand field!!
Now onto State...
Tooele, July 14-19
Go Murray!!

 Thank you to all that came and supported Brayden,
and another Thank you to our friend April, for taking Kelson, so that he could go to his practice..
We missed having Kelson there to enjoy this, but someday, he may be playing on this field too!?
Thanks April, he had a blast playing with Bucky :)

Brayden's biggest fan!!
Giving patrick a High 5!

PS.. I've go to some more catching up to do....
Be ready for some "Rewinding" :)

Happy Firday the 13th!!

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  1. Kelson can come hang out with us anytime! We loved having him over, and can't wait until next time. Bucky slept really well that night...I think they wore each other out hitting wiffle balls and chasing each other with Nerf guns. Such funny boys!


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