Friday, August 21, 2009

There's only one Lagoon

WOW!! I haven't been to Lagoon in almost 7 years and it's amazing how much has changed!! This trip I took my kids... We took Brayden back when he was little, and this time we took all three. What fun we had!! I had so much fun watching my kid's faces light up and jump up and down with excitement for the rides they had just been on... The first ride we went on was the terror ride. My two youngest were so excited, they didn't know what they were in for. I waited outside the exit to catch their first expressions... Oh and was it a bitter sweet thing to see their expressions... They both had big tears and this horrified look on their faces... I caught it on my camera, but will have to load that up later when I figure out how to work my camera. I laughed but felt really bad at the same time. The day couldn't have gone more better. We were with our good friends Dez and AJ and their son and little brother. Thanks to them, we got in at a great price, and had so so so much fun!! Thanks Martin family!! Well, enough said... There's only one Lagoon... for me that means there's only one day I can take of Lagoon... Untill next year, or the years after......


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